Detox and Immunity Booster – Week #1


FirstWeek – Ingrediants & Benefits

Bilva leaves

A miraculous
leaf with laxative properties  it curbs
inflammation and enhances bowel functioning. It also helps in respiratory
issues like common

cold and
also  maintains your sugar levels.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds
are magical for gut health. With them you can say goodbye to bloating,
upsetstomach and any kind of nausea. These seeds help in lowering bad
cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol. They are fibrous, they lower sugar
spikes and cure allergies too. The Vitamins K, C, & B benefit your skin
immensely and promote hair growth.

Lemon leaves

Used for
centuries, this shiny leaf has an excellent scent and is so very good for your
skin too. A great source of Vitamin C, it is an effective deworming agent.
Amongst other things this leaf can relieve one of insomnia,

asthma and so much more.

Carom seeds

A wonderful
appetizer carom seeds treat indigestion in a jiffy. They reduces acidity and
provide instant relief to the stomach. You will be surprised to know that along
with having anti- septic and 
anti-inflammatory properties, they are 
effective in treating cold and cough too. They also help the liver and
kidneys in eliminating unwanted toxic elements. 


Amla or our dear old gooseberry is a pack of
goodness. Packed with anti-oxidants, it reduces free radicals which cause
ageing. It protects the body against so many infections and eliminates toxins.
It improves eyesight and controls blood sugar. It boosts metabolism and hence
promotes weight loss.

Holy Basil

Rich in anti-oxidants , Vitamin C and Vitamin K
and calcium, it’s almost a superfood. It aids digestion, busts stress and
has  great taste and aroma too. It clears
skin conditions, is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and in-fact offers

protection at a cellular level.


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