Detox and Immunity Booster – Week #3


Monday: Wood Apple or Bilva leaves

A miraculous leaf with laxative properties  it curbs
inflammation and enhances bowel

functioning. It also helps in respiratory issues like common
cold and also  maintains your sugar levels.


Make a concoction by boiling 5 leaves in a glass of water
and consume.

Tuesday: Cinnamon

Having antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties this
 stick has powerful medicinal properties . It fights yeast infections and
flu. It’s loaded with anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is
the most commonly used cure for diabetes and  regulating sugar levels.
It’s very good for lowering bad cholesterol in the body and thus does wonders
for heart health and losing weight too. Not only does it have  great taste
and  being rich in vitamins and minerals it is great for brain health too.


Make a concoction by boiling a small stick in a glass of
water and consume.

Wednesday: Neem leaves

Neem leaves are beneficial in many ways. They have essential
fatty acids and anti-oxidants and . they are helpful in treating skin
conditions like acne or pimples, dandruff and some extreme cases like eczema
too. When even topical application is enough for some fungal and bacterial
infections, we can only imagine what it can do when consumed to keeps pathogens
at bay. When consumed on empty stomach it detoxes and it increases blood
circulation, regulates blood sugar and purifies blood too.


Make a concoction by boiling 2 leaves in a glass of water and

Thursday: Moringa or drumstick Leaves

Now rightly  known as a super food, Moringa leaves are
packed with  Vitamin A, Vitamin C, minerals like Calcium, Potassium and
 Iron and have protein and amino acids too. They boost our metabolic rate and
 are great for diabetes and cholesterol and weight loss. High in
anti-oxidants they protects cells from damage and  support brain health
and keep  flu away too.


Make a concoction by boiling a handful of these leaves in
water and consume.

Friday: Lemon Juice

It is a wonder ingredient which helps in building immunity
and promotes overall health. It aids digestion and is a great cleansing agent.
It cleanses skin, blood, liver and kidneys. It improves digestion, increases
metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. It lowers stress and anxiety and
boosts brain health. It kills worms and balances blood sugar levels. It is a
natural skin lightener and hence reduces blemishes. It prevents cold and flu
and adds an amazing taste when topped on most dishes. This Vitamin C rich
ingredient can be used to detox our body.


Use half a tablespoon of juice in a glass of warm water and

Saturday: Holy Basil

Rich in anti-oxidants , Vitamin C and Vitamin K and calcium,
it’s almost a superfood. It aids digestion, busts stress

and has great taste and aroma too. It clears skin conditions, is anti-bacterial and anti-viral and in-fact offers protection at a cellular level.


Make a concoction by boiling 5 leaves in a glass of water
and consume.


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