Sruthi Thotakura Experiences


Shruti, daughter of Annapurna Garu, hailing from Kompally in Hyderabad is an ardent disciple of
Gurumatha Pujyasri Aathmanandamayiji.She has been initiated into Sushumna Kriya yoga Sadhana in 2010 and has been practicing it regularly with all belief and surrenderence to the holy feet of Gurumatha.
Sruthi was suffering from chronic Sinusitis and allergic dermatitis due to dust allergy because of which she had frequent episodes of unbearable right sided headache, fullness of the nose, upper jaw pain and toothache. As time passed on, the inflamation spread to her right ear causing her frequent ear ache. She was terribly disabled as she could not afford even to wash her hair or even take a walk in the pleasant evening breeze.
As the cause of her Sinusitis was dust allergy which we know is impossible to avoid, especially in our country, all her preventive measures and medication were in vain.
She was advised to undergo surgery before she got initiated into Sushumna Kriya yoga as her condition was worsening and her ear inflamation was progressing. Sometimes such chronic inflammation can spread to the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord which is called meningitis and meningitis can be life threatening. But with the fear to undergo a surgery, shruti was looking for some divine help which fortunately she received in the form of Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Matajiji who initiated her into Sushumna Kriya yoga sadhana.

Apart from sinusitis, Sruthi was also suffering from allergic dermititis because of which she had painful skin rash on her legs and feet . These were very painful with burning sensation. Allergic dermatitis leads to scaly, dry, broken skin which can sometimes easily be eroded, causing discharge and further secondary infections resulting in severe pain and disability. This patchy allergic dermatitis develops whenever the skin comes in contact with a particular allergen, which differs from person to person. In case of sruthi the allergen was dust and dust as we know is impossible to avoid. Even cleaning our own house would make the dust fly around leaving her exposed to dust albeit her sincere efforts.
Just imagine the pathetic situation she had gone through. Within few days of practicing Sushumna Kriya yoga sadhana a miracle happened to her.
One day in her meditation, she has experienced someone striking very hard on the back of her head on her right side. Later she could sense something like a needle tied to a thread being pulled very tight from the nose backwards. Immediately she felt something cold in the right side of her face.
To her surprise, from the very next day onwards she did not experience even a single episode of any of her complaints of sinusitis. And when her experience was brought to the notice for our Guru matha, she said that Shruti infact did experience the process of curing her off the chronic disabling health problem by the parama gurus.
After few days of that blissful experience, she was once again fortunate enough to receive Gurus’ grace. This time while in meditation she could see 3 tablets about the size of regular crocin appear in front of her. She consumed one of those tablets orally and the rest surprisingly entered into her through bhrumadhya.
After 15 days of this incident she was totally and infact permanently cured of all her dust allergies.
What an amazing miracle in her life, isn’t it!
Getting permanently cured from an almost untreatable allergy without any medicines truly speaks of unparalleled potential of our parama gurus and Gurumatha Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mathajiji. Pranams to the holy feet to our beloved guru. Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha!


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