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49 Day Spiritual Detox Program – Week 2


Are you getting motivated to see what’s in for the second week? We have had a fabulous response from some of our Subscribers and would love to see it work for you.


This week we have some new ingredients along with old ones for you. We have jeera, Cumin, Cinnamon and Cloves! So get ready for it.

  • Cumin is famous among both Indian and Egyptians alike for its spiritual abilities and has been used in various practices. It is well documented in the ancient Spiritual books for its magical healing abilities. It purifies the blood and eliminates toxins and is a bowel stimulator. It can raise the vibrations of the body in spiritual context.
  • Cinnamon can cleanse the Nadi Mandala and has amazing medicinal properties. It helps to eliminate bad odors caused by wrong food habits. Since it connects and balances the body, spirit and mind, it can help us to easily get into a meditative state. It can even enhance a good fragrance from the body. It is known for its property to heal diabetes and thus regulates the Solar-Plexus.
  • Spiritual meditative practices show an immense impact of Cloves on our Brain, We all know how these are inter-related. Cloves bring about a stimulating effect on the brain. It has magical properties and can help you realize your manifesting abilities or intentions.
  • Peppercorns or Pepper helps to keep the digestive fire alive and can help to cause hunger. It aids in digestion and helps the body to create adequate heat and digestive juices necessary for it. It aids in increasing the metabolic rate and helps in weight loss.

   It’s the King of spices as it has numerous benefits, it helps in cognitive function, it is a potent antibacterial and anti-oxidant. Its concoction helps to get relief from cold and respiratory discomfort.

It can raise the spiritual vibrations and is a visionary herb. It is a sacred herb used as an offering to some Deities.

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