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Aathmanandamayi Mataji New Year Special Greetings!


As we welcome another New Year with happiness and hope I wish all Sushumna Kriya Yogis a Happy New Year full of Joy, Bliss and a healthy Stress-free life with Meditation and achieve Self-realization.
Human life is the most precious gift. We need to control our negative emotions and be positive always. This life is just a stage where we have come to play a part in accordance with our ‘Prarabdha’.
You can take total control of your life with regular practice of Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation. In one’s life, whatever happens, it is for one’s own good and whatever is destined to happen is also for your own good. The veil of ignorance will conceal your true identity and your natural self. Realize this truth and you will be clear of any delusions. Love everybody without prejudice, keep calm and remain unruffled in times of difficulties since all your Karmas are being reduced.
All Sushumna Kriya Yogis along with Meditation, practice Self-control, Self-assessment contentment, and positiveness.
Wishing once again a Happy, Healthy, Blissful and Stress-free New Year to all my Sushumna Kriya Yogis.


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