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Sridevi devisetti’s Mother Mangamma Garu Hails from Visakhapatnam and was initiated into sushumna Kriya yoga sadhana in the month of March in 2010 with the hope of enjoying good health as she was already suffering from multiple chronic ailments.
By the time she started practicing SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA she was an elderly 70-year lady undergoing treatment for chronic essential hypertension, diabetes and 3 to 4 mild heart attacks and has also undergone bilateral mastectomy for Breast cancer. She was awaiting the pathology report of her cancer specimen. Owing to the age, her multiple chronic co-morbidities and the cancerous attack she was very weak, exhausted, confined only to bed and was also unable to take proper diet.
She was dependent round the clock on some or the other attendant. Because of all the above health complications she was forced to go to the hospital at least twice a week and she was frequently hospitalized too. At that state of health, she and her family members started the sadhana of Sushumna Kriya Yoga with all belief and surrenderance. In a very short time, the family could make out the difference in her health. They found that she had improvement in her food intake, her sleep time, and she was found to be more active and healthier in general. Later on, her pathology report has advised a course of chemotherapy. Surprisingly, though Mangamma Garu, because of all her medical complications is a high-risk patient for chemotherapy, she could successfully complete her sessions without any complications.
Chemotherapy is very toxic and has its own complications. It affects the blood cells causing leukaemia, which is a decrease in the white blood cells, subjecting the patient to severe infections of the lungs and heart causing pneumonia or pericarditis. In females it can cause severe vaginal and pelvic infections. It decreases the red blood cells leading to anaemia which adds to the acceleration of the infections and might require multiple blood transfusion sometimes. Also, it causes severe urinary tract infections, it weakens the bones, leading to osteoporosis which can cause multiple bone fractures.
Apart from that, it would cause severe ulcerations in whole of the gastrointestinal tract starting from the mouth, down to the intestines. Because of these ulcerations the patients will not be able to take even a bland diet and will experience severe abdominal pain. Chemotherapy also damages the heart muscles and the liver. It causes hair fall which has an emotional effect on the patient. All the above complications are very much severe and have a high incidence in those with medical disorders such as hypertension and diabetes or patients who had a previous history of heart attack. It also known that such patients with aforementioned co-morbidities require higher dosages or higher number of cycles of chemotherapy.
But surprisingly Mangamma Garu, though being a high-risk patient, successfully completed all her chemotherapy cycles and effortlessly without any single complication. She and her family members still recollect that. She had not lost even a single strand of her hair during chemotherapy. What else could this be but for the miraculous blessings of Guru Matha Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mathaji Garu.
Down the lane in these 9 years of Sushumna Kriyayoga sadhana, her health improved drastically day by day and today at the age of 79 she is enjoying perfect health and she is very active, happy and blissful and living a holistic life.
Pranams to the holy feet of Guru Matha Pujyasri Aathmanandamayi Mathaji Garu for all the miraculous happenings in the life of Mangamma garu.
|| Om Sri Gurubhyonamaha ||


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