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U. Anupama Experiences


37 year old Anupama Garu From Eluru was totally confined to bed as even minimal upright position of her head would trigger severe reeling sensation and dizziness. She would feel as if the whole world is spinning around her. As time passed her problem got worsened and she has reached a stage where she needed her mothers help even to attend her nature calls. She was depressed wondering of her potentially bad future and about how she would take care of her family.
She was very much worried that at an age where she should support her mother unfortunately she is seeking her mother support even for her daily trivial tasks.
She almost reached a vegetative state in 2008. Doctors diagnosed her to be suffering from cervical Vertigo. The cervical spine MRI studies revealed that she had a cervical disc protrusion with thecal sac compression at C5 C6 level and they advised her to take tablets 4 times a day.
With great difficulty anupama garu was able to attend only on to herself. If the daily dose of medication was delayed, then she would immediately experience severe vertigo.
5 long years later, there was not much improvement in her health status. The doctors also said that she should just get used to live with it.On one fine blessed day after 5 years of suffering she heard of SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA sadhana and attend a session of SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA.
In the first session she was unable to practice SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA even for 7 minutes because the moment she closed her eyes, she felt as if she was falling down from a large gaint wheel.
But with great perseverance and faith, she tried to practice SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA daily.
With the feeling that the doctors have anyways given up on her, she told herself that she should somehow work and try harder to be able to do sushumna kriya yoga with a hope of seeking sympathy and relief by the gurus.
Her blind hope and perseverance did not go in vain. All her efforts bore the fruits of success.
She started improving gradually. She felt more comfortable and confident. Within six months she could sit 21 minutes straight without any difficulty.
Her dose of medication came down from 3-4 tablets to 2 tablets per day to a stage where she finally stopped all and any medications. Even without any medicines she was very comfortable and leading a normal healthy life like anyone of us.
She expresses her sincere gratitude to our Guru Mata PUJASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU for treating her of dreaded vertigo with which she suffered more than five long years and had no hopes shown by any doctors for a permanent treatment.
Now if we look into the problem, she had a cervical disc protrusion with thecal sac compression at C5 C6 level. Usually if the complaints are very severe and if daily living becomes difficult, doctors try to rectify this with a surgery.
But surgery on spine always has its own complications. In case of Anupama Garu though, without any surgery and even without much medicines after 6 months of regular practice of SUSHUMNA KRIYAYOGA meditation she was totally relieved of her Vertigo that has arised from a disc protrusion and thecal sac compression.
Truly a miracle with the blessings of our Guru Mata PUJASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI Garu!!
Pranams to the holy feet of our Guru MATHA PUJASRI ATHMANANDAMAYI MATHAJI GARU for all her love and concern towards her disciples. Om Shri GURUBHYO NAMAHA


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