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Building the Right Lifestyle and the Right Living


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Building the Right Lifestyle and the Right Living

“Your environment decides what you become”

True to this adage, we get influenced by the things we consume – whether bodily, mentally or emotionally. We become what is absorbed by us, via food, events, experiences, ideas and emotions – in the process of living. While we studied the importance of holistic cleansing and healthy living involves detoxification of our Body, Mind and Soul through right inputs, it also becomes essential that the inputs don’t get diluted or contaminated with further toxins. While our health boosters and daily routine can help you to eliminate toxins accumulated in your body and mind…it can’t help stop further intake, unless you agree to make lifestyle changes. You have already read in the article on “A Framework to Living well” that alerts us to how our children learn and emulate from what examples we set them. Thus to create a social and cultural change to healthy living and right lifestyle, we must first adopt these practices and create an eco-system, for our children to learn from and improve.

Today we will learn a few simple things to improve our lifestyle and enable ourselves to prevent further intake of toxins by eliminating harmful practices, ingredients and constituents from our lifestyle. Make these changes slowly and steadily…they are not difficult, unless you are unwilling. Continue the practices of meditation and detox with the lifestyle changes for a total transformation that lasts, and becomes habits. Many of the suggestions below are maxims we have known but not heed. Please be sure to internalize and implement it…

  • “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”
  • “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – stay clean…but not at the cost of Nature.
  • “A sound mind in a sound body” – build the physical body to be healthy and it will support a healthy mind. Exercise everyday – even if it is just a brisk walk. Keep your body toned.
  • “I am what I eat” – Know what products to use and choose organic alternatives wisely.
  • “Things are to be used and people to be loved and cared” – You often love and care for your things and uses your people. Change your attitude.
  • Avoid exploitation of people, resources and things. Electricity, water and life around you are like the lifeline of civilization – do not exploit them, even if you pay for it. Use wisely.
  • “Nice things are not always good, but good things are always nice” – Know what is good for harmonious co-existence in Nature. Avoid cheaper things that destroy the eco-system. Where organic or friendly options are not available or affordable, revert to traditional methods – not to commercial and exploitive methods. Know most soaps, suds, detergents, alcohols, surfactants, insecticides etc. are harmful to nature. Use in moderation, and most cautiously.
  • Reflect on life and its distractors – eliminate these distractors or reduce their importance in life.
  • Re-structure your Digital Life. Look at what gadgets are essential and how much of it. Give away or recycle the rest. How much time you/spouse spend on TV, mobile, tablets, etc. is bound to set an example on your children and affect your lifestyle, as less time is left to grow in life.
  • Take nutritious food – even if it takes time and effort in procuring or preparing them. The body is your greatest gift from the laws of nature(Karma). If you can spend on better gadgets, appliances and their protecting covers/chargers etc. you can spend time and effort to protect the body enough. Be just.
  • Prefer utensils made of earthenware, ceramic or cast iron. If unavailable stainless steel is alright. Avoid utensils with non-stick coating(carcinogenic) and aluminum (may have relation to Alzheimer’s).
  • Drink water stored in earthenware and/or copper vessels. Replace water every alternate day if unused. Do not drink water contained in plastic-ware.
  • Prepare your own food and consume it within 3 hours of preparation. Avoid junk food, fast food, carbonated drinks, processed food, packaged food and preserved food as far as possible. Do not give in to your temptation or those of children who may even throw a tantrum for these.
  • Avoid microwave cooking, use hobs or flame based stoves. When using microwave to reheat food or thaw frozen stuff – never use plastics inside the microwave. Avoid frozen stuff and reheating food if possible altogether, it is not nutritious.
  • While eating, sitting, standing, walking, etc. try to keep your posture erect. Avoid slouching and slumping.
  • Get fresh air, every day. Spend time with Nature, embrace natural surroundings with trees, birds and animals. Be compassionate to all life-forms and objects. Feed animals and birds. Water plants. If possible plant trees and contribute to “Greener and Cleaner initiatives”.
  • Be constructive, not destructive. Stay positive and inhale positivity in every situation. Live in the moment, relish it with gratitude and eliminate negativity. Do not gossip or allow it.
  • Avoid abuse – by thought, word and deed. Challenge and correct such behavior around you.
  • If depression, hatred or greed is displayed or creep into you, STOP. Reflect on the cause – fight it and eliminate it. If you can’t help it, stay aloof and move away from it. If you can’t move away, reciprocate with hope, love and understanding.
  • “Practice what you preach” – Live a life of values. Our manners and actions are the best example of what we leave behind to our future generations. That is true legacy – not just our genes.

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