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Day 11 – The nectar of mataji’s wisdom


That day in the evening at about 4 o’clock, along with the DRDO Director of Mussoorie Shri Shankar Kishoreji, Mataji departed along with us to his place as she was extended a special invitation. Some of us, Sushumna Kriya yogis, accompanied Mataji’s sister, along with Mataji. The young band followed behind. This place is much higher than the rooms we were staying. Their home was built in a quiet place far away from the rush-hush. Their bungalow was like a two-storeyed villa. They offered us hot water once we got inside. Since It is a cold region, it was a custom to give the guests, some warm water. Mataji discussed a lot of things with Shri Shankar Kishoreji, and came to the lawn outside. There were many beautifully decorated flower pots, and spruce that encompassed the plants and flowers. That moment a story was recollected. In a pool, some frogs talk about how very close they were to the lotus flower and feel very happy about it,but the bees sense the nectar of lotus and go away from that place. This story occurred to us at the right time. It taught us not to just be happy in the presence of our lotus like master but also to meditate and and make progress and receive the ultimate nectar of knowledge. When the disciples are wise and make progress in the spiritual journey, the gurus also feel joyful, and we were inspired by the story. We gathered around Mataji. We were going to meditate now. Meditation in most beautiful place, the Himalayan mountain range that too in the close vicinity of Mataji. In the mood of utmost happiness we were filled with an inner satisfaction. Sitting in the yoga mudra, we started changing Omkara.

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