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Day 13 – Meditation Initiation at Dehradun


Early morning everyone left for Dehradun from Mussoorie to conduct Meditation Initiation classes. Mataji completed four Meditation programs in a single day with utmost patience. Mataji’s classes were in English. Mataji spoke about the practice of Meditation and the many wonderful things about Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation. Mataji mentioned that when one sits in a Yoga Mudra, a Sree Chakra is formed within the body and how this form of Meditation leads to the Highest level of Energy flow entering into our body, the Importance of Omkara, long and deep breathing and how to focus on the Third Eye Region. Inspite of taking four classes back to back, Mataji showed no signs of tiredness and was brimming with Energy. When there are four classes back to back a lot of Energy is required. It is not easy to organize massive Meditation programs with new audience and purify everyone coming with a different mindset. The Guru’s yield their powers and give it to the practitioners and with the secret process accept and destroy all the bad Karma of the disciples. During this process our Guru’s suffer physically which as disciples we know and feel sad. After the completion of the four classes we went back to Mussorie late into the night.
We started for Yamunotri the next day.

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