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Day 14 – 15 Pine Trees


100 kms away from Dehradun is a place called Tehri on the way to Yamunotri which was radiating with splendid natural beauty. We had a short stay for the night at a wonderful resort. We stayed in beautiful tents which were warm inside though it was freezing cold outside.Nearby there was a place completely filled with numerous huge Pine Trees, simulating a forest and a small stream of the Yamuna river flowing nearby. It was a lovely experience and felt nothing short of being in some dreamland. That evening before sunset Mataji called all of us to assemble at the place with huge Pine Trees. Large sized photos of Sri Sri Sri Bhoganath Siddar, Sri Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji were already arranged there. Mataji walked over the place and selected 15 Pine Trees which were more than 700 years old. On Mataji’s instructions, Guru’s photos, Mataji’s chair and mats for Meditation were kept ready in no time by few of our fellow disciples. It was the first time Mataji had visited this place but it was very clear in Mataji Divine Vision that this place was exactly right for the act our Supreme Masters were about to perform. While walking to that place from our tents….


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