Welcome to the BLISSFUL journey

Day 16 – The Divine Trees


Mataji showed us our Divine Trees and asked each one of us to go to these Divine Trees. She ordained us to press the Forehead ( Third eye region) against the tree trunk and pray with utmost reverence and Humility to take away our Karmas.  All of us started to choose our respective trees, except Nagateja who choose to leave the nearest tree to someone else in the group. To his surprise he found all the Divine  Trees occupied by everyone in our group and he could not find any single tree. Puzzled he stood there in silence. Mataji observed this and signalled him to go to a particular tree, but there was some one already holding on to that tree. Since Mataji had instructed him, he did not think further and holding the same tree, he started praying. For about 5 – 10 minutes all of us remained in a strange state of mind. Everyone of us could feel an extraordinary Energy Vibrations in our Third Eye Region. When we all returned to a normal state we could see Nagateja crying. We thought he was letting out his grief for not getting a separate tree for himself. But we were all proved wrong when he started to tell us what the actual reason was.


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