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Day 17 – A Mother’s Benevolence

Nagateja proceeded towards the tree assigned by Mataji with a hint of doubt in his mind. ” Mataji had asked each one of us to choose one tree but why was there one tree less for me? Don’t I deserve a tree of my own? ”  He also went on to say that there were many other questions in his mind.When Mataji asked Nagateja to go to that particular tree where there was another Sushumna Kriya Yogi already holding on to the tree He started to pray to the tree with utmost reverence and humility to take away his bad Karma. He said he had a special experience. The ground below his feet suddenly disappeared and he felt like he was going to an unknown place extremely fast speeding like a rocket. He said that it felt like an invisible connection was being established between his Third Eye Region and the tree and through this he could feel something was leaving his body and he felt a tremendous Energy Vibrations inside his body. He felt heavy hearted and in tears to see that a Mother like tree had readily accepted to take away his Karmas accumulated in ignorance in this birth and all previous births. After everyone came back from their respective trees and sat back in Meditation, Nagateja alone was still in a trance from his experience and did not come back to his senses until one of us went and brought him back and made him sit in the presence of Mataji.
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