Welcome to the BLISSFUL journey

Day 20 – In the Heavenly lap of Nature


Everyone started to walk back on foot from the place where we had Meditated. Every leaf, every flower, the fragrance of the soil and everything around us seemed to be filled with enormous divinity mirroring our elated inner feeling of happiness and joy, which mere words cannot describe. The beauty of nature gave us a heavenly feeling. Our tents which we could see from far, seemed like small kuteers in an ashram. Mataji had some rest and after a while all of us proceeded to have dinner along with our Mataji. After dinner Mataji called all of us for a spiritual meeting. We sat around Mataji and listened to many interesting spiritual questions and answers. We were sitting in a pleasant, silent and deserted place with not much of human activity. The sight of the Himalayan mountains seemed like they were whispering to us the secrets of the great Himalayan Yogis. Pleasant fragrance of the lovely flowers from the valleys below was in the air all around. The silence was such a divine experience from the usual loud harsh noise, we are used to daily. Our voices felt like the chirping and singing of the birds. Mataji was in a state of bliss. Mataji was laughing like a child and with a loving smile kept answering all the questions. In the cool and bright shade of the moon, our spiritual meeting was really wonderful. Suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain heavily.

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