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Day 29 – The difficulties a Guru endures to destroy disciples’ karmas


For removing the karma of disciples gurus forbearance was like an example for us upon reaching Harshil.  Mataji’s baggage was sent away in the doli. If we could with a little mindfulness and intelligence have holded Mataji’s baggage. Mataji always looked after us like her own children and guided us in all possible ways but we could not look after her that way .We had a thought that with regards to Mataji we should be extra careful as any wrong done knowingly or unknowingly to a guru is a great mistake. Mataji always tells us to learn from our mistakes, but never tells us in an authoritative way to do any work according to her wish. Mataji has an endurance like that of our mother earth. Just like how Mataji always does her work towards her gurus, Sri Sri Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Sri Bhoganatha Maharshi with complete devotion and dedication. We being her disciples ought to follow her in the same manner. While we were thinking about this, we were asked to take a bath and get ready. After a hot water bath we were all rejuvenated. That day, all the disciples were sitting with Mataji for dinner. After dinner while I was relaxing, had a strong feeling to serve the feet of Mataji. With the permission of Mataji’s sister Prashanti Ma, I went into the room and massaged her feet that night, Then I had a thought that Mataji is undergoing so much pain for our good, in the presence of such a guru how should our feelings be towards them. Thinking this, I fell a sleep while pressing Mataji’s feet….

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