Day 34 – Mataji making us do a prakriya on the banks of river Bhagirathi


Going along the flow of  Ganges, the next day we reached our cottages , where we stayed in a resort near Bhagirati river to visit the temple of Ganga mata. Mataji reached before us. Within 20 minutes to half hour, our buses reached the place as well. As we entered, we were welcomed to a green apple orchard. Heaps of apples were hanging in bunches on the trees. The river Bhagirati’s flow was heard from very close and sounded like the chant of Om. We were briefed as per Mataji’s instructions that the place was very sacred and that, all the great deities, sages, great maharishis were present here, and so all of us should be with a sense of purity and maintain silence. We did not see Mataji after we reached. We all knew that Mataji was in her cottage. As Soon as we arrived, we were asked to board the buses to go to a nearby place. We all went to a place near the resort in the buses. The place was beautiful and serene. All of us were silent and moved forward following Mataji. There was a lot of difference in the walking pace of Mataji. Mataji was walking so fast that even the young men in the group were forced to run to keep pace. As we walked along, we stopped near the river bank, we saw the hills that appeared to be green and mottled with tallest summits. We could see a golden mountain towards our right. The Ganges was flowing towards us. On the banks of the Ganga we sat down for meditation. On that day  a different procedure was taught by Mataji before our Meditation. We all got totally immersed in meditation. Some of us had wonderful experiences. Vamsiji in her vision saw a lady Rishi in a saree, who was tall, with long open hair.


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