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Day 37 – Mataji’s Silence


The disciples were discussing amongst themselves about Mataji’s silence for a long time. Some of us stayed away from eating anything as Mataji hadn’t eaten anything. Some of them were saying that Mataji was in a Samadhi Sthiti and so it’s better to not violate the privacy of Mataji . Some of them, not aware of the situation went to sleep. We got up at Brahma muhurat and meditated there. We then started for the Gangotri temple along with Mataji. The temple was at a very altitude and full of highs and lows from where we were. We started walking behind Mataji and went inside the temple to have a darshan of the goddess Ganga. After seeing the idol, we walked towards the left side of the temple, below the hill and sat with Mataji on the marble floor.

We sat there in a circular form. We were looking at Mataji’s eyes which appeared to be looking into some other world or a different dimension. Mataji’s eyes used to be filled with calmness, like that of moonlight, but that day they seemed to be fiery. We could sense the vibrations coming from her eyes. We started our meditation at Gangotri along with Mataji. While meditating suddenly all of us physically felt heat on our spines from the outside on our body. It was as if something was burning nearby, we couldn’t differentiate if it was blazing sunlight or the heat from something burning away next to us. it was intense and lasted for a few minutes and warmed up the insides of us at the Manipura. This experience was felt by all of us. Suddenly Mataji got up and started walking very fast up to her car. None of us could keep up with Mataji’s speed. We all could sense a difference and had a feeling “is she our Mataji?”

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