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Day 41 – Mataji’s sukshma body spreads throughout Uttar Kashi


Mataji conveyed to us that ”silence means inner silence. When you are in a state of complete silence, you will be able to recieve 100% of the energy that the guru gives you. My concern is that you all need to get the complete grace and energy from the gurus. When the sadhakas maintain inner silence, they will be able to perceive the Guru’s sthiti and also the disciples can receive the messages from the guru, without conversing”.
”When I went to the Shiva temple in Uttar Kashi, I was filled with the Rudra Shakti from lord Shiva. It spread throughout Uttar Kashi. When lord Shiva performs the heavenly tandav nrutya the amount of energy that generates, is the amount of energy filled within me. I had a feeling that lord Shiva was doing tandav nritya within me. Then we went to Harsil. After I sent a message about that place, I went into my cottage. While I was looking out of the window, higher energies were passing by and behind them I saw Mahavatar Babaji along with his 49 disciples. At that time Mahavatar Babaji had asked me to come to Gauri Shankar Peeth along with him.

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