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Day 42 – Ammagaru’s ‘Astral Visit’ to the Gauri Shankar Peeth(Shrine)


Mataji continued – “On being summoned by my Holy Guru, I went along with Guru Shri Shri Mahavatar Babaji and His other disciples to the Gowri Shankar Shrine. As I was undergoing a spiritual process I asked that no one should come to my cottage”. Awed by these words we looked at each other and continued listening…”Gowri Shankar Peeth, is a sacred holy monastery in the Himalayan mountains. This is Sri Guru Mahavatar Babaji’s ashram. For a few thousand years, there are many yogis, attained beings, sages, sadhus & maharishis who have been silently receiving spiritual guidance from Shri Shri Mahavatar Babaji at this place. Mahavatar Babaji, the Great Master has been extending a helping hand to all the sincere practitioners. The sacred mission of Mahavatar Babaji is to uplift mankind from the shrouds of darkness and ignorance, by protecting and guiding the sincere seekers. Mahavatar Babaji is an Avatar Purusha (Divine manifestation) and Godly figure. Mahavatar Babaji garu is the Paramaguru of the Sushumna Kriya Yogis and the “Prathyaksha (Incarnate) Guru” of Pujyashri Aathmaanadamayi Mataji garu.

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