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Day 49 – Mother Jayanthamma’s invocation led Mataji break her fast


Engrossed in listening to the interesting things that Mataji was telling us, we were gently chided by Mataji to get ready for departure before it was late. She said – “Take heed and learn lessons from the situations in life. Assess the situation equitably and learn to act effectively with maturity, that is the mark of a true yogi!” And as she said this…
Prasanthi amma(respectable address to a motherly figure), then proposed an incident, about a disciple of Mataji who has been living in the US. by name Sameera. During the time when Mataji was in silence and refrained from eating, Sameera from the United States sent a message to Prashanthi amma on her phone thus – “Amma, I’ve experienced that Mataji is troubled or in some dilemma during yesterday’s meditation, somehow Mataji appeared gloomy. Can you please tell me why …? ” Prashanthi amma wept at the message. She did not know what to do. She wasn’t sure why Mataji would not eat and wondered if She was angry with us. So she pleaded of Mataji’s Mother Jayanthamma, in meditation to take care of Mataji, and only then did Mataji have a morsel of breakfast.

Mataji further elaborated the matter …
“According to the reactions of the disciples to the given conditions, the individual’s karmic balance happens,” said Mataji. She continued… “When I was fasting, Prashanthi amma and Ankita were deeply disheartened. Each of you know, how you responded. One must have a connection with the Guru. The person who is a few thousand miles away, understood and experienced my condition, while some of you could not understand my feelings even though I was right in front of your eyes”. She adjourned a few other topics to be discussed for later when we would meet for Guru Purnima.

We reflected on this to realize that from birth, we yearn to meet the Guru, and having attained the Guru’s company, it is not just about the proximity, but the real connection with the Guru. While the Himalayan yatra offered a multitude of Divine experiences, moral and spiritual lessons and infused us in virtuous moments, which shall be forever cherished; this incident was a life changing event in all our lives, that almost felt like rebirth. On that day, with a heavy heart and moist eyes, we all fell at Mataji’s feet seeking her blessings before we departed to reach our respective houses later that evening.

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