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Dr Sruthakirthy Experience


Srutha Keerthi was born into a pious family, From an early age, the roots of spirituality was
deeply embedded in her. Due to some unexpected experiences, even though she grew up  in a
religious environment she had constant fear within her.
Can the Gurus show us The Divine worlds? Will  they embrace the insecurities of devotees and
treat the astral body spiritually, by eliminating our fears and show us the cosmic worlds?  Srutha
keerthiji’s experiences is a fine example to answer our quest to the above questions. /
Being a renowned dancer, Srutha Keerthiji felt she could reach God through the art of dance.
She embraced her dance as devotion and was in the process of searching for a Guru. During
her journey she came across a holy man who she thought might be her Guru, one day he
appeared in her dream and said , "I am not your Guru”. So once again, she started searching
for her Guru. Yet another day she was given a book “An autobiography of an yogi” to be passed
on to her brother kaushik . This book invoked a feeling in her and she was on a soul searching
She embraced Sri Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Lahiri Mahasaya as her meditation Gurus.
But during the process of improper meditation it had adverse side effects on her health. After
that, she was advised to have a physical Guru.
In her search for a Guru, she met Sushumna Kriya yogini Vijaya. Through her, she had the
opportunity to be initiated  into sushumna Kriya yoga by Sri Sri Sri Aatmanandamayi mataji.
Exactly the way her brother kaushik told her, she felt the vibrations in her agneya chakra. She
was fortunate enough to meditate in presence of Maataji for next three days. She had become
so emotionally and spiritually attached to Maataji that she did not want to depart from her.
During the Sat sang on pournami meditation, she had a beautiful vision of divine sightings, and
radiating lights emitting through the  Gurus pictures. She could feel the vibrations in her
sahasrara chakra .
Srutha keerthiji always had inhibitions of meditating alone due to some fears she had since
childhood. Due to this, she preferred to meditate in a group.
Once a tribal astrologer told her,  she had stepped on something evil and was not in a good
space. The words of the tribal astrologer instilled fear in her.
On that evening as she was in meditation she heard a divine voice, “You must realize what is
good and what is bad" . During 49 days of her  practice, her anger vanished and she stopped
stressing over little things.
Srutha keerthiji had frightful visions in her sleep where she saw  terrifying creatures. Then one
day she had a unique experience where she saw Mataji got up from”within her “and controlled
the creatures with her eyes. Ammaji appeared in the form of in Kanchi Kamakshi Amma. It was
a wonderful experience. During her journey to Warangal with Mataji, it was not just a physical
journey but a spiritual journey too. She confessed to Amma, that she was not able to meditate
due to some personal reasons, and during the journey mataji spiritually induced her in to a sleep
state(susupth – avastha). When she was in a sleep awake state, she saw Mataji getting up from
her body. Then she saw how Mataji repaired her subtle body spiritually and also gave her lot of
energies. She had other experiences while in her sleep like her spiritual services to mataji , she
had a vision of mataji as Godess Lalitha devi, she also saw a Sree chakra embedded with a
diamond on top, hidden underground in akkayya palem meditation centre in Vizag.
Sruta Keerthi’s Mother also got initiated into sushmna Kriya  . Her father and brother also
encouraged and supported her spiritual zeal which made it easier for her to move ahead. Her
family members who saw her ,knew her as a timid girl who had the fear to even cross the road.

The traffic caused her to shiver. Thus was her personality. But now with blessings of Mataji, who
taught her astral body to drive she is a confidant driver now.
From Srutha Keerthiji experiences, it helps those to decide if they are wondering whether to
believe in sushmna Kriya yoga ?
To have the eagerness and  truth to know about it Srutha  Keerthi is great guide for those
seeking that truth.


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