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Dr. Suresh varma Experiences


“It was not through my efforts that I got into Sushumna Kriya Yoga…it’s the Gurus themselves who have guided me here. Without their permission and mercy, we can’t do anything”, says Mr. Suresh varma who’s spiritual path shows that we can discover splendid message filled experiences.
Just as how a student is sent for higher studies after passing out of shool, his Guru, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba himself had paved a path to Sushumna Kriya Yoga
It seems there was nothing worth remembering from his first session of meditation…. but after that while meditating he had an intense desire to see Mataji. “What should I do?” he asked Mr. Sridhar Raju, a Kriya Yogi. “Before starting your meditation and while in meditation, solicit your request. It will surely be fulfilled” – he instructed….having followed the instruction he only prayed for Mataji’s darshan even if it was for only a minute. In turn Mr. Suresh Varma was blessed with half an hour of time with Mataji.
In his view, there is no other Guru equivalent to Mataji…” We talk about so many things, all those get fulfilled automatically as though someone has heard this and fulfilled them for us. It is as though Mataji is present everywhere. How fast our works get completed depends on our intensity of thought and Sadhana” thus said by Mr. Suresh, is a path indicator to many Sushumna Kriya Yogis.
“If you want instant results, surrender 100%” – is his mantra.
In the return journey from Kasi, inspite of a terrifying accident, none of his family members were impacted…not even a small injury…this meant a lot to him and his faith was that there were Mataji’s blessings!

Mr. Suresh Varma reminds every Sushumna Kriya Yogi of their responsibility by calling “When we have such a divine Guru, let us stop any further search. Let us surrender ourselves and listen to what Mataji tells us… let us learn about our purpose of coming to this world and what we should be doing… let us finish those works… let us work as instruments in making as many Sushumna Kriya Yogis and offer this work to the lotus feet of Mataji…this is enough…rest will be taken care of by our Mataji.”
Because he has this remarkable conviction and belief that there is no one but you, the guru (‘Anyatha saranam naasthi ‘), in Kasi Guru Pournami Meditation he experienced an amazing vision – In the Himalayas, in the midst of nature, clad in orange robes Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji having dug a burrow, was making a Sri Chakra. As that Sri Chakra was being washed with cow dung water, it was transforming into a golden Sri Chakra. On that Sri Chakra, trishula and dhamaruka took their shape. He could even see other Sushumna Kriya Yogis…Once the Sri Chakra had assumed its complete form, Mataji’s form changed – adorned with a golden checks saree and ornaments she was performing the Sri Chakra archana. In a stream of Abhisheka milk flowing down, everyone’s feet there were submerged…after the Puja he witnessed an amazing water flow, like a river. In the adjoining caves, the Prasad was being prepared…. all of a sudden Siva & Parvati disappeared and Sri Venkateswara Swamy was seen. Mataji was seen performing his aarti. This was the beautiful vision he experienced.
Mr. Suresh Varma’s experiences make a guiding light to many Sushumna Kriya Yogis


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