Looking for a way to boost your immunity?


We have the perfect plan for you. With just a few but powerful ingredients so you get all the help you need.

We all know how Ayurveda, one of the oldest science of medicine has been widely practiced across the world.

We have a week by week routine for 7 weeks (49 days) to improve your energy levels. Every Sunday, we will release the coming week’s detox plan. So, plan your week and stay ahead.

Stay as hydrated as possible, water is best for detox. Keep having water throughout the day to flush out any toxins during the course of this program. Switch to a healthy diet, have fresh food, and include some greens to your daily intake.

When all the elements are in balance, the body is prepared to fight stress, trauma, and illness effectively and there is a proper energy flow in the body.

3 aspects to this Immunity Booster Program

1. Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation

Time: The Brahma Muhurtha, 4 A.M – 5 A.M IST every morning.

Where: Online Virtual Group Meditation

Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation is a traditional yet powerful technique for the body, mind and spirit. This Technique is so Unique and different because it is a holistic practice : A combination of four Meditative Techniques – The Mudra Meditation, the Mantra Meditation, Breathing Meditation and the Third-eye Meditation.

2. The Sushumna Detox Tradition

Time: Before 7 am every morning.

This tradition has been on for 4 years. Before every Guru Pournami, her Holiness Aathmanandamayi Mataji has hand-picked herbs/ingredients from our kitchen and instructed that we make these a part of our routine.
The tradition continues…

3.  Sun Salutations

Time: 7 am every morning

Sun God is known as the “God of Good Health”. In the current situation, Vitamin D levels need to be consciously pumped up. Also, we are all aware that the Golden hour light is essential for everyone.

To keep up the energy levels, exposure to the sun is vital.

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