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Jeevan Reddy Experience


Many Sushumna Kriya Yogis have been able to connect with Mataji in meditation. There are
others who reach out to Mataji to talk about their experiences and get their doubts cleared,
when they see any visions or any experiences in meditation. There are some who connect with
Mataji through meditation even when located far away and obtain guidance in their spiritual path
and yet Jeevan’s spiritual growth happened quite miraculously.
Jeevan is a software engineer, a person with little belief in anything and didn’t seem particularly
moved by anything. When his life partner Mrs. Vamshi Krishna Kumari practiced Sushumna
Kriya Yoga owing to some health issues and when she told him about the energy flow she was
experiencing, he didn’t seem to heed much to it. His reaction when his wife said “You should
also meditate. You will progress spiritually” was “You do it – I don’t need all that”.
One day when Vamshi was meditating, Jeevan, who was seated close-by and working, felt
some kind of cold waves touching him. After he noticed this twice, he said to Vamshi with a bit
of amazement, “Vamshi! I can also feel the energy when you are meditating.”
”This means that even Jeevan is ready to receive energy”, said another Sushumna Kriya Yogi.
This prompted Jeevan to agree to meditate who said – “Ok, I too will meditate and see”.
When Jeevan attended the meditation class with Vamshi, Jeevan’s focus was more on service
than on meditation. In the Tirupati class, Mataji had mentioned to Mrs. Vijaya that Jeevan’s
energies are good. Hearing this, Jeevan was amazed and happy. After Tirupati Guru Poornima,
Jeevan dreamt seeing a 16 year old yogi following him. After being seen at the table in his
office, this yogi merged himself into Jeevan. Getting scared, he woke up. This happened twice
and he repeatedly had the same dream after going back to sleep. After few days of this incident,
he witnessed a dream with a certain Mataji in a white saree, sitting beside the pictures of the
three?(two) Gurus.
While Jeevan was pondering over what these visions could mean, Mataji had explained to him
that the form that had followed him like a shadow and merged into him was his subtle form (from
his previous birth) and that the divine form which appeared by the side of the holy gurus and
blessed him was Sri Babaji’s sister, Sri Nagalakshmi Mataji herself. Owing to his whole-hearted
service and his perfect “tuning”, Jeevan was able to see what was happening there, blessed
Mataji.  For Jeevan, who would not care much for anyone’s words, Mataji’s every word, every
movement, every sight was worshipful. Mr. Jeevan doesn’t seem to have much of a deep
connection or emotional attachment towards anyone, but in his attachment with Mataji, divine
love, devotion and respect are evident. Hence, irrespective of how alluring the surroundings are,
even when amidst many people, Jeevan’s focus and concentration is only on Mataji.
‘What kind of miracles can happen, with the blessings of the divine guru and selfless service?’
From a normal state to a superior state in his job, a good package, a beautiful house which is
being used as a Sushumna Kriya Yoga center, the strength to be able to withstand the stress
and tensions in office, patience, control of anger, detachment with materialistic things – all these
are the changes he had noticed in himself, says Jeevan. For someone who had once aspired
for an expensive car, house and a superior status among all, a balance had been accomplished
now. To complete the task for which he came to this earth, to constantly stay in connection with
the Guru and to break out of the birth-death cycles is the target and goal of this thirty-three year
old engineer – and this is an incomprehensible puzzle for many!
While telling about his previous births, when Mataji said “Jeevan has been the same for so
many births. For him the Guru is always the supreme”, I saw joyous tears in Jeevan’s eyes (who
would otherwise not react to anything) says his life partner and Sushumna Kriya yogi Mrs.
Vamshi Krishna. In the initial days of Vamshi’s entry into Sushumna Kriya Yoga, even before

seeing Jeevan, when someone said Vamshi does good service – “Vamshi’s husband will do
more service…when you visit Hyderabad, do meet him” Mataji ordered Mr.Murthy.  Jeevan
learnt about this much later and was amazed.
He never meditates properly, he doesn’t even stand in front of the Guru’s pictures for ten
minutes how did Mataji say that Jeevan is always connected to her?! – Wondered Vamshi
innocently. When Jeevan was very sick, Mataji had appeared in his dream and asked to get an
oil and put two drops in his nose and massage on his throat. From the next day onwards, the
medicines which didn’t work earlier started working miraculously and Jeevan completely
recovered. With this experience, yoga friends realized, “Jeevan must be so well connected with
Mataji that Mataji had herself appeared in his dream to save him”.
Jeevan without any display of spirituality would look very connected to the materialistic world.
For Sri Sri Sri  Atmanandamayi Mataji, who recognized the connection from his previous births
and pulled him into spirituality, everything is known to her inner eye.
For Sushumna Kriya Yogis, who understand this very important point, Guru’s constant
proximity, is the only blessing.



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