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Kaushik Babu Experience


As he grew up in traditional family devotion to  god and divine worship all came naturally to him.while he was a child, un consciously he used to focus between the brows (Agneya chakchakra). As an actor,while acting in mythological movies specially when acting as Ayyappa Swamy ,he frequently visualized Lord Ayappa’s golden eyesin his dream. This surprised him, though he used to believe in Worshiping deities, pooja and fire-sacrifices, like any ordinary person. He also disliked and doubted people doing Shakti Pooja and talking about energy fields .He firmly believed, that power of god should be in Temple, considering fellow humans divine is foolishness?!
How could Kaushik, who was not awakened, grow into the position of a Sushumna Kriya yogi with the blessings of Guru in  such a short period ?!
Since an young age he could see ‘Aura’ in colours of gold, silver, green and red. He thought that perhaps  others too could see this phenomena.
He met Atmanadamayi Mataji for the first time in 2012, somehow he could not agree with her divinity. Later he had the opportunity to meet Mataji many times, he didn’t get any feeling of receptivity. Knowing Kaushik’s present state and his Divine experiences like vision’s of Gurus, earlier during those meetings with Amma Garu, why did he not get any Divine feelings ? This is the inquisitive question?! Reflectively Kaushik says , “Ididnt  have the maturity at that time.”
The practice of Sushumna Kriya yoga meditation provides that energy, which dissolved the Maya  (illusion) surrounding him . It was through this  meditation, that he could discover who he is !
His sister Srutha Keerthi initiated him to Sushumna Kriya yoga meditation in Guruvayur. This way she started off her brothers beautiful spiritual journey.His inner journey started from the same day.He never experienced any of these type of experiences though he participated in various types of other meditations in the past. The same night while meditating he got Darshan of Mahavatar Babaji’s golden body who with open armsinvited him to come. Earlier in other forms  of meditation,he could only see light at ajna(heart) chakra , and didn’t know anything about seeing a Guru in meditation.
Within a few days of Sushmna Kriya meditation, he saw all energy beams connecting in a tube with a golden glow.
During those times He couldn’t meditate more than 15 to 16 minutes.
During Mataji’s  visit to Sruta Keerthi ‘s house, in meditation Kaushik saw Mataji, sitting upright, in her astral form surrounded by a golden glow. He witnessed a Rishi there. He thought the saint might be Bhoganatha Siddar .These experiences gave him mixed feelings of happiness and fear.
Later 6 to 7 months prior to Guru poornima trip to Kashi, he sighted Lahari Mahasaya several times in his meditation watching him with a smiling face. But Sri Yukteswar Giri looked at him sternly. Since he did not read “Auto Biography Of Yogi “He didn’t understand who he was?!
Those days he was not meditating perfectly.
When he told about the vision of Gurus to Mataji. Mataji replied,” that he is getting visions as he is coming to kasi” .Till then Kaushik had not decided to go to Kashi.
He was very enraged and upset as to why Mataji was deciding his travel?!
Later for many days, he felt very sorry for getting such thoughts.
Then when he went to Kashi he had lot of wonderful experiences.
In Kashi during his meditation, while conveying his apology to Guru maa, suddenly he saw his astral body going into space, saw Babajis cosmic form, then Mataji with a smiling face patted him saying that she has forgiven him, when he sighted sri  Lahiri Mahasaya too, he started crying saying, ” Gurus have so much grace on me”.
He saw himself in Sri Lahiri Mahasayas house, doing pada Pooja along with Mahasayas other devotees .
Alsoduring his meditation he saw, while having bath in Ganga river Sri Yukteswara and Sri Yoganada talking amongst themselves and pointing towards him. He saw Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and his ownself in the body of Sri Vivekananda which frightened him.With a soft pat Mataji got him back to his normal state. During Kashi days he could visualize every day Mataji in her astral body performing puja to Lord Kashi Viswanath. When Kaushik asked about this Mataji confirmed that it was true.
Since a young age he used to get visions of a Buddha monastery,snow mountains, yellow flowers and monks. He saw a hall where eating food made with milk was the nrom. He used to think, why the Gurus in such a heightened state where eating like this?! There he could see Mataji as a shadow (At the time he didn’t know Mataji).
Later while chatting with Anirban another Sushumna Kriya meditator on a similar vision, He could understand a little. Later Mataji with a smiling face said in an earlier birth in a  Buddhist monastery three of you were there.
One is Anirban, the other is Radha – “Can you identify the third person?” – She asked Anirban? Kaushik was shocked to know that he was the third person.
In Kashi, A dog came into the yagna vatika (Hawan place).As an volunteer Kaushik babu, due to the circumstances caught the dog and moved it away. The dog ran in to the Siva Temple and disappeared. He later came to know that with invitation from Mataji, it was Kala Bhairav Swamy who visited the sacred fire-pit(yagnya). Kaushik  felt blessed for having touched it.
On the occasion of the house-warming ceremony at Jeevan and Vamshi’s place, he felt the presence of Bhoganath Siddar . When he went to meet Mataji, he felt the presence of Mahavatar Babaji and Bhoganath Siddar. The wonderful state of Sushumna Kriya yogi Kaushik and his wonderful experiences of previous birth, grace of Gurus, astonishing incidents with Gurus, astral projection, viewing energy channels in astral form stand as a testimony to other Sushumna kriya yoga meditators that these visions in their journey can also turn true.


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