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Latest Inner Software(LIS) brings to you a unique 49 Day challenge to lead a life towards a better tomorrow. In today’s busy life, everyone find it difficult to balance their personal and professional life, apart from dealing with issues of stress, irritation, health and more.

There are various factors which cause stress, few of which may be due to work pressure, ambitious drive to earn more and more, relationship struggles, and much more. If you are unable to cope up with stress on time, it may sometimes lead to depression which in turn causes bad health conditions. Few of us are not even aware that we might be suffering with it and ignore the symptoms. According to recent studies, negative thoughts also have a major impact on us and make a person feel less confident. They also actively build up emotions of anxiety and frustration. This leads to depression in the due course of time. Nowadays, “depression” has become a very generic term and is attributed right from elementary school student to an adult and almost everyone. Lack of awareness and not having positive thoughts leads to such situations. One resorts to various relief measures like medicines and alternate therapy to resolve these conditions. But these alone are not enough and need to be eliminated from the roots.

Instead of using various harmful drugs like antidepressants, which have prolonged side effects, meditation has been scientifically proved to be the most effective alternative to cure stress or depression. Meditation is the only way through which one can relax, experience blissfulness and tranquility. It helps in all walks of life, physical, mental and overall well-being. It unleashes the true potential and can help to give your best in all aspects, be it the game changing presentation or a late hour meeting, deadlines or month end pressure, you can do it all with ease. Enjoy a work-life balance and embrace life.

Alain de Botton says the best diet is to have something more fun lined up than continuing to eat. So to bring in something similar, we have designed this challenge. A plan to guarantee that you will consistently stay motivated.

The Latest Inner Software is introducing to you a proven 49 Day challenge, which will motivate you and help to take it up as a challenge to meditate every day without missing it for even a day. A challenge which helps to bring awareness about the benefits of meditation and easy ways to stick to the plan.



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