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Madhavi Moksha Experiences


Those who live in the myth of the ‘modern’ world are connected with only the physical world around but, the awareness, that there is also a subtle world, which is capable of incaptivating the Maya. In spirituality there are positive and negative energies… the soul and its energy which is considered valid for the spiritual science but is not believed by the modern society.
Smt Madhavi is the spouse of Sri Balaji. She didn’t like Balaji spending time on the pretext of meditation, with Jeevan and Vamshi who were living in the opposite house. She had to travel a long distance for her work and hence was very tired owing to this travel. She used to feel that meditation is a waste of time. “If the little time he is at home, he spends in activities related to meditation, then where is the family time?” – she was annoyed! But alas! One day she decided to check out for herself and stepped into their house for meditation. The Gurus pictures in their house attracted her immensely.
In the group meditation there, when she was hearing about the experiences of the other meditators, she was excited…
“Ah! I don’t think I will experience much for myself anyways” she thought…and yet, she started meditating. Sometimes she used to have some visions, some Guru darshanas and amazingly so, slowly she noticed that her back pain was subsiding day by day.
She was afraid to stay in the dark alone, so she used to meditate with the light on. Suddenly, one day Madhavi had a very frightening experience in her meditation. The Gurus were seated on both sides…and a terrible soul expelled from her body…she noticed that it was very terrifying …she wondered “Really?! Do negative energies get released from the body during meditation?!” That whole day, her head felt so heavy with energy and from that day on she lost her fear for darkness. She thence became a consistent meditator.
Within the 49 days, she aspired that she gets a transfer to their Gachibowli office as it was getting very difficult for her to travel to Adibatla everyday. Inspite of the many problems in the office, by listening to Mataji’s speeches she developed a lot of patience and learnt the karma siddhanta. The miracle happened! Her most aspired for transfer ensued and she was moved to the Gachibowli office. She also got a promotion and she became a boss to the same people who upset her. She realized that all this is due to meditation only. And now, she is balancing her life and living very happily.
It is said that “For those who know he is in the heart and for those who don’t know, he is right in front.” …our Gurus by providing these beautiful experiences, establish an attachment with their souls and change their lives… Madhavi ’s experience clearly indicates …how the Souls which bring in different thought forms with unresolved desires bring in thought pollution. Such aspects are proven by the Gurus through such experiences.


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