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Mind Detox – 4: Fear of Manifestation of Reality or Eventuality complex


Mind Detox – 4: Fear of Manifestation of Reality or Eventuality complex

When one has overcome the three complexes, they may attempt the final aspect of cleansing the mind – learning to overcome their fear of reality. Often in life we have moments when we cannot accept reality as it is! These moments can challenge our very intellect and our sanity. The more intensely we want a certain event no not happen, fully well knowing it is “eventual”; the more we get ourselves farther and farther away from reality. Instead learning to embrace the truth and understanding the higher purpose of every manifestation, gives one the courage to accept the manifestation of reality as per the laws of nature. We often despite our selfless beings, get entrapped in wanting to change the course of nature…to our liking! That is where we start to fear nature’s ways than our knowing of what is causal and is expected.

Often these eventual manifestation of reality, to the average person will seem ruthless – even uncontrolled. It is then one must realize to the material world, everything is bounded by material laws. Everything in the spiritual world is unbounded and has only transcendental laws. Events associated with the limited Ego/Aham are non-eternal(Anithya) as compared to the absolute/Atman who is always indestructible and eternal(Nithya). Thus the materialization of reality is just a fleecing moment in comparison to the “True Identity” of the conscious. Those in knowing see this and gain the strength of distinguishing all events as temporal and their affiliations/afflictions as temporary. Eventuality complex can be overcome by observing what causes one to shy from reality. What incidents/events are rejected by the rational mind, what causes one to take a moment to heart/head and fall prey to the games of Maya (the Great illusionist of Nature).

Take time to revisit the article on the 4 complexes that disturb us internally and herein explore their root causes. This week as we identify with our Real Self, we will also know, that which we ought to know, that which we know ought to happen and that which happens is not for us to control based on our preferences – but rather as per laws of Dharma. Having the wisdom to see the reality without bias, without indifference and yet to have the understanding to accept the happening as the best that can – is true maturity. This helps to clear the last traces of mental clutter – that entangles the mind to the material world and often causes worry, stress and negativity.

How does one check one’s internal fears of manifestation of reality from growing?

To cleanse yourself of Eventuality complex, one must learn to accept that in all of creation – a superior intelligence resides – doing the very best for the collective whole. When we realize the Absoluteness of our “Real self”, we know our thoughts can manifest in to reality and yet, there are other manifestations of the self, that choose to be different. Thus the Manifestation of Events in any dimension of Time must be rather governed by laws. One’s anticipation must not break reality, but rather align one and all to reality as it is. To fear what will definitely happen or to worry its consequences, is the “Eventuality complex” and is ignorance which leads self-deception. Why then the fear eventual certainty? The poem “This too shall pass” is a meaningful remedy to the fear of manifestation of reality.

ONCE in Persia ruled a king 
Who upon his signet ring
Carved a maxim strange and wise,
Which, when held before his eyes,
Gave him counsel at a glance
Save for any change or chance.
Solemn words, and these were they:
“Even this shall pass away.” 

Theodore Tilton

One needs to understand that fear of manifestation of reality, is like fearing the sunrise. The sooner we accept that which we must, the better we live. This week we start observing our thoughts about events that tend to cause us to be in denial or non-acceptance. What causes us to think nature will not take its course? Why do we think we need to be meted out special treatment? Why must the laws of Nature bend to do our bidding? It might cause one to believe that they can control certain manifestations to create their anticipations into reality. While verily possible, changing any aspect of Natural laws to be as per one’s bidding, is not being in harmonious co-existence. So accepting reality and where the reality is harsh – knowing that “This too shall pass!” – is the best way to handle it.

Day 1: Understand your true self and contrast it with the self you want to be. Reinforce your true eternal identity. Knowing one is not the limited person, why does one get affected by the events life brings at them? Do we have control of all happenings? Since we know we don’t and certain events we can’t naturally change, what causes us to be reluctant of their acceptance? Have we accepted the Divine presence within us? Now when we hear the divine to speak to us, are we hallucinating or are we convicted?

Try to connect to the voice within…when your thoughts run wild, does it cloud your intellect? Observe and try to know the difference and seek to introspect on when is something wishful thinking Vs. when is that inner voice, something your intellect is telling you?

Read and understand on the nature of the conscience. Also read of Extra-sensory perceptions. Recall on the ill-effects negative-expectations and anticipatory stress you have incurred in the past. What caused the fears to manifest? Also recall moments in the past wherein you were in denial. How did being in denial affect you and other around you?

If you have an experience of a manifestation of reality well against your preferences – how acceptable was reality? Were you in any of the incidents before and after the events affected or impacted? How did you feel about the episode? Did it make you feel sad, frustrated, helpless or hopeless? Chart out your thoughts, reactions, caution and action – post the contemplation.

Day 2: What is the basis of this manifestation of reality – if you experienced it? Did you observe on Day 1 and introspect what causes this feeling of denial, esp. of future inevitable events? How did it affect you and others? Are you now shy and scared of connecting with the inner voice? Are you trying to park the thoughts that arise that are in disharmony to your wishes? Do you shy away or avoid discussing or planning them? Has your inner voice been subdued due your fears of reality and its outcomes? Some of us may not even understand and not experience this manifestation of expectations, do not worry, then you do not have this cause of concern.

For those who do, this feeling is caused by the mind Vs. reality conflict –  It is the Ego (Aham) being in denial. Sometimes even contriving, avoiding and trying to avert the eventuality.

What the mind tell us, according to what It (the egoistic mind) wants to hear/happen, may not be true if the intellect is at discord with it. How do we handle this duality?

When we are unable to accept what the intellect knows, but the mind-heart integrity does not accept, we are often seen as an immature mind (because it is ego distorted) that is in denial or that is in escapism and this then becomes the “Eventuality complex”. It then causes a position (perspective) that we take to look at these definite events from our pivot and is affected by our limited perceptions. Now when we try to avoid, escape, deny or deter the outcome of this “Eventuality Realization” (if it is against us), or fear the event/happening if it seems unfavourable to us, we again give in to our ego, therein allowing the “I want to be in control” mindset, which causes pain and suffering. Simple technique to practice – “Let go!” and remember “This too shall pass”!

Day 3 to 5: We already saw in the earlier weeks how Aham – the ego and its preferences – can cause mental-insufficiency, falsehood, isolation from reality and negativity. So once we overcome the need for being in control, once we see everything as it is, once we learn to distinguish the mind’s chatter from the intellect’s wisdom…we in principle learn to live in balance, of being and staying in acceptance – for nothing is favourable or unfavourable – they are not just as they appear to be but have divine meaning – a part of the cause-effect Karmic web of creation. Coming to this state helps overcome the “Eventuality complex” and the fears associated with the manifestation of reality.

Categorize people, events, situations, things, etc. that cause fear of inevitable reality and eventuality within you. Look at them objectively – what about them do you want to control or influence? Why do these things trigger a feeling of insecurity, hopelessness, sadness or fear in you? Why do you feel the need to change or avoid a situation? Are your in denial about temporary things? Are the events permanent? When do you start experiencing fear of eventuality? What triggers it? Can you avoid the triggers? What can you do to just stay balanced – collected, calm and unperturbed while you stay connected within and attentive to “The True Voice” and its wisdom.

To free yourself of any Eventuality complex, first admit and accept that all of us – No matter who/what we are, from deep within have to go back to the same origins and need to shed all external attributions and identifications. All identity is Anithya (temporary) and only thing Nithya (eternal) is the spirit. Duality stops creating thoughts of material sense(vrittis), when detachment (vairagya) begins. Mastering detachment with unperturbedness can lead to “Nirmal sthithi” or state of being balanced and aware, which upon sustained detachment (para-vairagya) leads to Nirvikalpa Samadhi – “Stillness Suspended in Time”, where only Samskaras (accumulated impressions) remain and no further accumulation of Karma (causal relationships) can happen. The Nirvikalpa state must be mastered before Kaivalya (pure consciousness) begins. What then remains is nothingness and thus being One with everything. When we know the absoluteness of our “Real self”, we see ourselves manifested in everyone else and everything else. Thus fear of eventualities no longer bother us…to get over the “Reality fear” and understand the immensity of our infinitesimal soul being the infinite Super-soul ourselves liberates us ultimately from the fear of “Eventuality complex”. The one weapon against illusory material reality (Anithya, Mithya and Maya), let go of ego (Aham) and Accept the Eternal Un-manifest Unperturbed Reality!

Be cautious on how we let our minds underpinnings not disturb the course of events in nature. During the days 3 to 5, vigilance and observation is key.  What causes your mind to overpower your intellect and cloud your judgement? Do you stay balanced in various situations in life? Are you trying to interfere with life events? Are you in denial of eventuality? Be watchful. Be humble, sensible and harmonious to all things, not just life…observe all actions, thoughts and words – that cause “Certainty fears” and “Reality Manifestation fears” or “Real situation influenced by your personal Preferences”. Note them, with your opinions, actions and consequences.

Day 6: Look back at the week past. What all triggered “Escapism”, “Denial” and “Fear of Reality or Eventual Manifestation”? How many of your fears, visions and anticipations manifested into actual events, incidents, judgments and impacted your reality? How often did you try to manipulate and/or influence situations to your choices/liking? Realize the law of Karma – is only a law of the material universe. Allow cause-effect relationships to take their ebb-n-flow, no point fighting the Truth of the material world and cluttering your mind and entangling your intellect in flotsam and jetsam.

Finally, review your observations and contemplations of the week with a mentor, friend or a Guru. Create a journal – write them down, revisit from time to time. This last complex is difficult to overcome, unless one practices true detachment and perpetual mindfulness. We never know what life throws at us and when we end up reacting. Our note help in reinforcement later – of the things that caused “Realization, Reality and Eventuality complexes”. Document your reactions, plans, conspiracies, words, actions, thoughts and minds workings in response to situations that caused “eventuality complex”, “consequential denial” and “reality manifestation fears”.

Prepare a brief plan covering:

  • What you will do to respect and understand the Karmic Laws of the material world?
  • What will you do to respond and not react?
  • What will you do to handle Eventuality fears yet stay calm and collected?
  • What in life causes fears of reality? Who/What is related to it? How intense are they?
  • For every preference, opinion, bias, etc. that tends to drive or change your perception of reality – what steps do you take to stay connected to the truth and not distort it with your minds wants/wishes?
  • What was your response plan?
  • For Well-Known causes of the Eventuality complex – deeply introspect your personality. Find hidden traits, past impressions or strong emotions that impact. Document them.
  • Have practical steps on what you can do to appreciate the “Eventuality complex” and not fight or fear reality manifestation. What will happen shall happen – welcome and accept it. Overcome the behavioural effects it might have on your personality by knowing what to accept and what to take control of and what to just let go in your life.
  • Know the body and the mind shall go to dust. The soul lives on. Everything else will “Pass”.
  • Prepare your own approach to address fear of reality and manifestation. Review with a friend/mentor/Guru.

The subsequent 6 days – introspect on the above and see how you improve.



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