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Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation, The Miracle Medicine


Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation - The Miracle Medicine
Dr. Madhusri, Senior Gynaecologist

I am a regular practitioner of Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation since December 2005. Gradually and slowly, I started to understand the great science of Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation. Being a medical graduate, it was easy for me to co-relate this Science with human physiology. I was fortunate enough to receive Guruma’s blessings in many walks of my life.


I was constantly in Her divine guidance and grace. There was one miraculous event which I cannot restrain from mentioning. This is related to my profession. Sometime in mid-May or June I received a call for an emergency operation from one of my consultant hospitals in Kazipet, Warangal district, Telangana state. It was 5.30 in the morning and the call said it was a dire emergency.


A mother needed to be opened up in 15 minutes. The case history was that the mother was pregnant for the second time with one previous cesarean and was in labour with impending scar dehiscence / rapture. I rushed to the operation theatre and found the mother already anesthetized. So, I immediately put my surgical knife on her, opened the uterus and delivered a healthy baby. The whole team gave a sigh of relief.


After removing the placenta my assistant screamed “Doctor!! The bladder catheter is visible in the stomach. I looked in disbelief but was shocked to see the bladder catheter popping out. In my 18 years of experience as a clinical obstetrician and by the grace of my Gurus there has never been a single untoward incident in my career till date. I tried to repair the bladder but very soon realized that it was beyond my scope. It was very difficult to differentiate the uterine flaps and the bladder wall.


Constantly praying to Guruma Her Holiness Pujya Guruma Aatmanandamayi for help and with great difficulty I managed to close the uterus and stop the bleeding. We decided to shift the patient to the urology care centre. I called Guruma and explained the seriousness of the case and pleaded for help. Ammagaru then said “Don’t panic. I will take care”. Guruma advised me to get it repaired by the concerned specialist.


At around 6.30 a.m. the mother was shifted but due to the busy schedule of the urologist my case was opened at 2.30 p.m. with a team of three urologists as they were expecting a major problem. On opening the abdomen, I was taken aback and the picture I saw was jaw dropping. The operation field was very fresh and neat. The uterus was found to be stitched up perfectly and the torn bladder edges were clearly visible. The most astonishing thing was that there was no swelling of any of the tissue inside which was definitely the Great Miracle of Guruma.


Normally a small cut on our fingers will make them swell in a few minutes. The inner lining of our internal organs called mucosa is very sensitive and handling this mucosa for a short time without damaging will cause its swelling which we call edema. In this particular case even after damage to the bladder wall and even after 8-9 hours there was no sign of edema. Unable to control my emotions and excitement I exclaimed “Ooh no edema at all!” One of the urologists who joined the team at the last minute said ‘Doctor, it’s only been a few minutes since you opened up, hence no edema’. Then I said, ‘No doctor, the case was opened 9 hours ago’. Hearing this the surgeon had no words. He just stared at me with mouth wide open. Finally, the damage was repaired and on my request the urologist reinforced it with extra tissue but cautioned me that even though we had reinforced it she might need a second look operation. Large bladder injuries do not get sealed in a single sitting and usually require a second attempt.


But this mother went off uneventfully with a perfect bladder seal without any leak. Her recovery was also very miraculous and was the talk amongst the whole medical fraternity of my city.


But for the miraculous healing of Guruma, the pratyaksha Parabrahama Her Holiness Pujya Guruma Aatmanandamayi this could not be possible. My salutations with reverence and surrenderance.  I bow to the holy feet of our Guruma for all that I have been blessed with.


Later on, behest of Guruma I started advising expectant mothers to practice this easy, yet most effective technique, Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation regularly along with the prescribed medication. It started giving amazing results.


Firstly, all Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation practicing mothers had an easy, safe, and normal delivery. All of them had uneventful safe pregnancy. Secondly All the babies born to the mothers of regular practitioner of Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation were amazingly happy and healthy. All of them were very active physically, quite calm with no tantrums, no erratic behaviour and were never irritating. They did not disturb their mothers’ or grandparents’ sleep, and everyone enjoyed bringing up these babies.


I would like to share another true Miracle which happened with one of our Sushumna Kriya Yogis.


She was a young woman pregnant for the first time living in the USA. She was an ardent devotee and disciple of Guruma Aatmanandamayi. She meditates regularly with profound belief and unshaken surrenderance to our Guruma. It was not just her alone, even her elder sister, her mother and their children were all ardent devotes. Both the sisters were very sincere volunteers of Divya Babaji Sushumna Kriya Yoga Foundation and were blessed by Gurumaa for being instrumental in spreading Sushumna Kriya Yoga Meditation in the USA. This disciple Subha became pregnant for the first time. Her joy knew no bounds when she tested positive with all the colourful dreams of parenthood. She got her appointment with her obstetrician. Her consultation was going all well until her ultrasound report came. It was a shocking report. She was reported to be having a separate uterus. This condition is where the womb cavity is divided or separated into two parts by a thick wall called uterine septum. This condition leads to early abortion or miscarriage, pre-term delivery, intra uterine death of the foetus, still born baby or baby with growth retardation. Also because of the wall or the septum the baby may take an abnormal position leading to hazardous complications with pre-term delivery which can be risky to the life of the mother. All this was explained to her by her obstetrician, and they said that nothing could be done at this stage and only prevent any complications with prompt management as and when the complications pop up.


Frightened Subha called her sister Sirisha who lived in Vishakhapatnam and narrated all that her obstetrician had conveyed. Sirisha explained the complicated situation which her sister was going through to Gurumaa and prayed for Her help. Subha’s ultrasound reports were sent to me for second opinion. I had to go with the USA obstetrician’s opinion and was sure that Subha would be having a complicated pregnancy.


After that I did not hear from the sisters and presumed that Subha must have had a miscarriage or a pre-term delivery. But one fine day Subha landed in India with a cute healthy baby. For a few seconds I was taken aback, but quickly understood that a miracle had happened. The greatest shock she gave me was when she said that she had a full-term pregnancy. On hearing this, as an obstetrician I had no words to praise our Guruma the pratyaksha Parabrahama Her Holiness Pujya Guruma Aatmanandamayi.


This is not just impossible, but the impossible of the impossible pregnancies with a seperate uterus going uneventful to a full-term pregnancy and landing up with an effortless delivery. As I had mentioned Subha is an ardent disciple, and she carried a small photo of our Gurus with her when she was in labour. It is routine practice, even in our country that we don’t allow any unsterile objects into the delivery room, and this is strictly followed in the US too, but Subha requested the team that she be allowed to carry her Gurus along with her and the staff were kind enough to agree to her request.


She held on to her Gurus throughout her delivery time and after she delivered a healthy female baby the whole team remarked “Madam, please do not forget to bring your Gurus photo whenever you are here”. It is not just them, any doctor or obstetrician attending such complicated cases, come out successfully will accept the miraculous powers of our Guru guruma who is none other than pratyaksha Parabrahma.


With all perseverance and surrenderance to the holy feet of Her Holiness Pujyasri Guruma Aatmanandamayi I take a break in narrating the medical miracles experienced by Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditators.



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