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Mohith kumar kanoj Experience


In today’s corporate world, the younger generations are fortunate enough to experience the best of both worlds. On onside, they are financially independent with good pay and lifestyle. On the other hand, they do not need to live under pretense of anyone’s shadow. What if such young and dynamic youngsters become Sushumna Kriya Yogis? Miracles do happen and this will be understood when we hear about Mohithji’s experiences.
Within the first few days of his initiation as a Sushumna Kriya Yogi, Mohithji was able to experience the magnificent divine energy . While meditating, he could feel the flow of energy in his body from the Sahasrara to all his nerves in the body. All he could see was his Sushumna Nadi shining in red color. The energies flowed in the Ida and Pingala Nadis . It radiated from the frontal area of the spinal cord to the back surging upwards. Then it flowed in U-turn direction and reached the Mooladhara chakra hence , making one complete triangle. Then, in the upper area of Sushumna, he saw a golden lotus still in an unblossomed state. Later on, he understood that a fully blossomed lotus signifies awakening the primal spiritual force from within. Perhaps the bud still needed to bloom into to a full blown lotus.
Another experience is from Srisailam. It was the day of GuruPurnima, that day just reaffirms what Sushumna Kriya Yoga can fulfill for us. So on that day, Maataji during meditation was able to cleanse our the karma beejas deep down from the roots. This process would take many thousands of years of intense penance to get rid of our karma.
On that day , while meditating, Mohithji slipped into Yoga Nidra. He had a vision of his physical body in a dense forest where he saw a Sivalinga. After bathing in the lake nearby, he started walking towards the Sivalinga. Out of nowhere Mataji appeared. “How did you come here Amma?” he asked. With a pleasant smile Mataji placed her two divine hands (as though she was blessing him) on his head and merged into the Sivalinga. ‘Guru is omnipresent’ – knowing this well, “how did I ask such a foolish question?” he thought. With feeling of a little sadness in his heart, and with that thought in mind he fell into a deep sleep. Then, in a very clear voice he heard someone say “In your previous birth once you did not completely trust your guru. That is why in this birth, in repentance you are paying back for that mistake”. Mohithji upon waking up realized that he slept for 15 hours straight, after seeing the 22 missed phone calls, 11 messages, etc. When he shared this to Mataji, she explained – “What you saw was Srisailam a few hundred years ago. To eliminate Karma beejas is difficult….but Gurus sent you into Yoga Nidra for 15 hours and removed the Karma beejas of a few thousand years, which otherwise would get eliminated only after a few hundred years of penance”.
Is there anything which is not possible with the Guru’s grace?


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