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Premila ji Experiences


We are always extremely grateful to our Guru for clearing our Prarabdha karma (the karmas we carry from previous births). What if one realizes that her Guru is none other than a “ParamaYogini”, who has been sent to us by the Himalayan Gurus? What a wonderful and blessed situation to be in.Thus is the experience of one of the disciples Premilaji . She took the initiation from Mataji in 2011 and was progressing well in her meditation due to her karmic results of her past lives. Mataji used to appear to her in Yoga Dhyana Mudra. In one of her dreams, a Swamiji appeared and blessed her stating, “ Sushmna Kriya Yoga is a powerful sadhana and if done with dedication, will lead to liberation (Moksha).”
Before taking the Sushumna Kriya Yoga deeksha, she visited Gomukham(the terminus of the Gangotri Glacier and the source of the Bhagirathi River) . She was told that a MahaYogini was meditating intensely under a tree there. But she did not get a chance to see the MahaYogini.
Sringeri Gurupournima– is a place which was in close proximity of Mataji. It was a place where Shankara Bhagatvatpada himself had wandered around. There Premilaji slipped into yoga nidra during her meditation. In her dream, she went back to Gomukham where the holy Ganges was flowing with the sound ‘Om’kara echoing through the waters.She saw a divine aura appearing through a person coming out of a cave. She approached a person and requested to see the Tapaswini. He took her saying ”Come I will take you there” and led her to a big old massive tree with hole like opening in the front. Upon entering the space there, she a MahaYogini in Dhyana mudra. After carefully observing the divine MahaYogini, she soon became aware that it was none than our beloved Mataji Sri Sri Sri Aatmanandamayi. Out of sheer joy and happiness she looked at the swami who led her the way and said I got my initiation from this divine Mataji. Then Mataji with a pleasant smile then said “Do you know who he is? He is none other than Mahavatar Babaji himself”. Premilaji was ecstatic beyond words. Later, she got to know that Mataji had meditated under the same tree in one of her previous births.Babaji had showed her the vision from that time period.
On another occasion, Premilaji boarded a train to visit Mataji in Hyderabad without any reservation. There was a lady who sat opposite her offered her seat and said she had confirmed seat in the next compartment and walked away. Later she got to know that, it was none other than Mataji herself. Knowing this, She was overwhelmed with tears of joy and happiness.
Another event occurred while she was boarding a train to travel to Hyderabad, her feet slipped and would it would have been dangerous if the train was in motion. Her purse and spectacles fell in two different directions and out of severe despair she called out on Mataji …“Amma”… Her voice echoed in fear and someone immediately held her by the shoulders. Adorned in a white saree with a red border , a lady put on her purse and placed the spectacles rightly. To Premilaji’s  astonishment and surprise it was none other than Mataji herself who saved her. Whenever this scene replays through her memory, Prameela is overwhelmed with gratitude towards Mataji.
A true guru whose nature is to protect their devotees who call out to them in their need of help. For this to happen the disciples should have have soul connection with the Guru. So the above experience proves that our Mataaji not only with her subtle body, but also her physical body keeps all her children in a protective spiritual layer and shield them even from the jaws of death.This will be realised one day or another by all sushmna kriya yogis.


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