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Ratayya Gudavalli Experiences


70-year-old Gudavalli Rathayya ji, was initiated into Sushumna kriya yoga on November 16th 2016 and has been a regular sadhaka from Guntur city who attends all group and pournami meditations without fail. Since 2012 Rathayya ji was suffering from a Complex neurological disorder called Cervical and Otomandibular dystonia with Blepherospasm.
Blepherospasm is a condition with abnormal contraction of eye muscles. It causes severe muscle twitches and vision disturbances. He consulted ophthalmologist in Guntur. As there was no improvement in his condition, he was referred to Neurologist. Rathayya ji went around all the available neurologists in Guntur, but in vain. Later he tried his luck at Homeo international Vijayawada, Ayurveda hospital in tenali with no result. He also consulted doctors in Bangalore, who gave him an option to try the surgical route. He was once given Botox injection for which he got drug reactions and ended up with multiple painful blebs on his face. When approached doctors at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore for second opinion, they cautioned him of the low success rate and high complications of surgery.
By the end of this long run from doctor to doctor, the disorder progressed to cervical dystonia resulting in torticollis and oromandibular dystonia, causing difficulty in chewing, swallowing food and also difficulty in articulation. Doctors from Canada and America examined him but had nothing worthy to offer. The American doctors advised him to get operated surgically in America which would cost around 75 + lakhs.
He was suffering with cervical and oromandibular dystonia with blepharospasm. The cause of this neurological disorder is not known. Researchers believe that dystonia is idiopathic (unknown cause) which results from genetic abnormality or in some cases is secondary due to damage to the basal ganglia and other brain regions that control movement. His was idiopathic and hence virtually had no cure.
At the age of 60-70 years, unable to eat any solid food for more than 20 months, Rathayya ji was into mental agony and depression. His desperate prayers for help and some miracle to happen in his life came in the form Sushumna Kriyayoga Meditation. On November 16, 2016 Rathayya ji was introduced to Sushumna Kriyayoga sadhana by Mrs. Rama ji residing in their apartment complex. Soon he noticed positive changes in his health.
One day after he finished Sushumna Kriyayoga sadhana, he noticed his torticollis getting corrected and was able to move his neck properly. Though he still had minor degree of neck stiffness, his joy knew no bounds. With even more perseverance and belief, he continued his sadhana. One day while he was chanting Omkara during Sushumna Kriyayoga Sadhana, he felt something going out through his mouth and the day after, he was able to chew his meal after a long gap of 20 months. He was able to take his daily meal ever after.
This wonderful medical therapeutic journey of Rathayya ji speaks volumes of the unparalleled healing powers of Our parama Gurus Sri Bhoganāthar siddhar, Sri Mahavatar Babaji and Sri Aathmanandamayi Mataji.


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