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S Jayanth Experiences



Jayant was introduced into Sushma Kriya yoga by his mother. Slowly he got into the habit of meditating. In thebeginning due to tremendous energy his whole body used to literally shudder.
When Atmanandamayi Mataji visited his house, he saw Mataji’s simplicity and experienced her affectionate motherly touch and realised, what truly a blissful state of mind meant.

In Palani, while meditating he could visualise maharshi Bhoganath Siddar. Jayant then asked himself who was his ’purna atma’ ? While meditating, in response to his question, he got a vision where he saw the sun.

While meditating in his college hostel, he saw Mahavatar Babaji in his vision. In another vision mahavtar babaji guided him to focus between the eye brows through which he realised why he appeared before him. In palani guru poornima meditation, he had a vision of maharshi bhognath siddar getting up from his meditative state from his seated posture.Jayant’s experiences are examples as to how sushmna Kriya yoga can help in overall personality development. While studying pre-university and preparing for JEE he suffered from an inferiority complex, self doubt, and fear of failure, Due to this meditation ,he realised that he has support of the Gurus and with his practice of meditation, he could overcome those fears .

Whenever he discontinued his regular meditation, he felt a void in his life. He could realise that when he resumed his meditation practice he felt contended internally. He realised that unknowingly meditation induced an undercurrent which brings about a change in us. After the first round of campus interview, he heard Babaji’s message – “ these two days you will stay with me.”
with that he became confident that he would be selected. And the very next day when he came to know that he was selected for the next round, his belief became even more stronger.

That evening while travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad, he was reading about processors which were not related to his subject. And the following day in the interview he was asked about the same questions which he read earlier. later he went to college library and studied about basics. To his surprise what he prepared in that room the same questions appeared. when jayant was selected he was not surprised at all as he felt that somebody has already decided this for him..

Jayanth says that a mediocre student like him getting a job of an electronic engineer in a top company was only possible due to his regular practice of meditation and grace of Gurus.Jayant’s experience would help many people suffering from psychological problems ,fear of failure and students who are looking for career settlements to turn around their life.


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