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Sakineti Sushmi Experiences


Subbalakshmi ji’s daughter.
Daughter of a Sushumna Kriya Yogi Subbalakshmiji, Sushmi started Sushumna Kriya Yoga practice from when she was in her school in 8thclass . She loved studying and was always among the top scorers in her class…she was self-confident and had the persistence to achieve anything she had aspired for. After her 12th class, as she had received indications about what she should be studying and how she should proceed, from the Gurus in her meditation; she had developed a deep sense of gratitude towards the gurus.
While studying for her B.Tech, Sushmi had failed by just 2,3 marks… This had taken a toll on her confidence. She then coincidentally remembered an incident from her 12th class – a friend who had studied palmistry had told her that according to the lines on her palms, she would discontinue her studies midway. When she mentioned this incident to her mother Subbalakshmiji, she also affirmed that someone had warned her as well that according to Sushmi’s horoscope, her education would stop abruptly. But she also urged Sushmi not to lose her confidence and to keep trying. Sushmi then remembered the divine words of Sri Athmanandamayi Mataji – “By practicing Sushumna Kriya Yoga, our karmas are burnt and the effect of grahas will also be decreased.”
With these divine words she realized that the mental condition to think that her studies would be discontinued was mitigated by just failing once in her exams. She then continued her studies with renewed confidence. After that she became quite successful …within a few years she also worked in the US as a software engineer and is now settled in India with a good job. Sushmi says – “Me, who loved studies so much, am now able to lead such a satisfying life…and Sri Atmanandamayi Mataji’s grace is the only reason for this.”
Satsang is conducted in her house everyday…one day in her meditation, she had the vision of a beautiful and amazing Krishna idol. Beside the idol she also saw two golden feet. Those feet must be those of Sri Krishna…thought Sushmi. But when she mentioned the same to Mataji, Mataji had indicated that those were Lord Sri Venkateshwara’s feet….Sushmi was overwhelmed hearing this.
In one occasion when her husband was tensed about his visa, he meditated for 21 minutes upon Sushmi’s suggestion. The next day they got the news of his visa being ready. Sushmi’s husband who was both happy and amazed at the same, also became a good meditator from that day.
Every ‘determined thought’ can be accomplished by Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditation. Everything is belief and Guru’s grace emphasizes Sushmi.


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