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Sushumna Shiv Siddhi

The goal of the Sushumna Shiv Siddhi program starting from 22-Jan (Monday) is to guide participants on a transformative journey through seven Mondays of special practices, leading them towards a meaningful celebration on Maha Shivratri on 8-Mar. The program aims to prepare individuals to receive divine energy during the Lingodbhava period on Maha Shivaratri, fostering spiritual growth and blissful experiences through specially crafted practices. 


Why to Register?

Registering to this program ensures you have access to the specially crafted practices designed to enhance your spiritual experience, providing a platform for a deeper connection with the divine.


Program Highlights

1. Transformative 7-Monday journey to Maha Shivratri celebration.
2. Rituals, reflections, and stories for spiritual growth.
3. Engage in traditional practices for a deeper connection.
4. Meditation for overall well-being.

What is covered each Monday?

1. Begin the journey for Maha Shivratri.
2. Explore mystic tales every second.
3. Immerse in sacred rituals on the third.
4. Discover mantra power on the fourth.
5. Shift energy with mudras on the fifth.
6. Find peace with Om chanting on the sixth.
7. Dive deeper within on the seventh.

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