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Significance of Pournami


What is Pournami?

Pournami means full Moon in Sanskrit. The full moon day is called Purnima in North India and Pournami or Pournima in south India. It is an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. Pournami falls every month according to the Lunar cycle. Sometimes there is a full Moon twice in a month (Blue Moon). When there are two full Moons in a month, there can be 13 Pournami’s in a year.

During Pournami the Moon is full, bright and illuminated, symbolising the removal of darkness and bringing in the Radiance of intelligence. On this auspicious day the Moon completes one cycle around the Earth, which symbolises the end of one chapter in One’s life and the beginning of a new chapter.
Pournami is a symbolic date that divides the month into two equal lunar fortnights called the Shukla paksha or waxing phase and the Krishna paksha or the waning phase. The 15th day of Shukla paksha is called Pournami. In Shukla paksha the glory of the Moon grows and in Krishna paksha the glory of the Moon recedes.

The Significance of the Moon

The Moon is an important planet in Vedic Astrology and is said to be the ruler of Human minds. The Moon as we see it from Earth goes through several different phases. This waxing and waning of the Moon has a profound effect on our mental and physical health. In our culture we attach great significance to the phases of the Moon. Scientifically, during the full Moon, the gravitational pull of the Moon has a huge impact on Ocean tides and Humans. Observing a fast on Pournami controls the acid content in our body, cleanses the digestive system and improves the functional capacity of the brain.

Significance of Pournami

On the day of Pournami, the three prime Nadis- Ida, Pingala and Sushumna get balanced and the Kundalini energy gets activated and reaches the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) which connects us to the Divine.
Ida is also referred as Chandra (Moon) Nadi, located on the left side and is attributed to feminine qualities, while Pingala is referred to Surya ( Sun ) Nadi and is located on the right side and is attributed to the masculine qualities. Sushumna Nadi runs along the spinal cord in the centre through the Seven Chakras.

Science has revealed to us that on the day of Pournami, the gravitational forces of the Earth are at their maximum which has a highly positive effect on all Humans, giving them great stability, enhanced energy and an excellent balance between the body and mind.

In the Hindu calendar every Pournami is associated with a significant festival. Puja, Fasting and Meditation is done with intensity on this highly religious and auspicious day. Fasting on the Full moon day or Pournami is called Pournami Vratham. Pournami Vratham is from sunrise to till sighting of the moon. Pournami also symbolises fullness, abundance and prosperity. Hence worshipping and Meditating during Pournami is said to sharpen the intelligence, enhance the clarity of thought and remove all stress and tensions.
Pournami is especially considered the best day to have the vision of the beautiful full Moon and Meditate to Chandra Deva ( Moon God ) for his blessings.

Upcoming Pournami

Next Shukla Paksha Pournami is on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. Pournami starts at 7:03 pm on October 19 and ends at 8:26 pm on October 20. Is Ashwina Pournami.
This upcoming Pournami in the Hindu calendar month of Ashwina is also called Sharad Purnima and as Kojagiri Pournami. It is celebrated with great fanfare in the Indian states of Orissa, West Bengal and Assam and is dedicated to worshipping Goddess Lakshmi.
Valmiki Jayanti is also celebrated on Ashwina Pournami.

Below are the list of Pournami month wise

January – Pausha Pournami .

February -Magha Pournami

March -Phalguna Pournami

April – Chaitra Pournami

May – Vaishakha Pournami

June -Jyeshtha Pournami

July – Ashadha Pournami

August -Shravana Pournami

September – Madhu Pournami OR Bhadrapada Pournami

October -Ashwina Pournami

November – Kartika Pournami

December – Margashirsha Pournami


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