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Soul detox


A 21-minute Meditation Technique to help increase your energy and cleanse your body. This activity enables physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Let’s Start: Become completely relaxed. Sit comfortably, with a posture you can maintain, in a calm place. Set the timer for 22 minutes. Sit with your spine erect.

Place your hands in Yoga Mudra as shown below.
Close your eyes and chant AUM – 21 Times. The vocalization of ‘M’ syllable is longer than ‘A’ -‘AAUMMMM’.

Take long and deep breaths for 14 times with a good feeling. As you breathe in inhale positivity and think of all things positive merging within and when you breathe out exhale negativity, to feel all the negative things in you going out.

(Illustration only – choose your own concerns)
Positive Aspects: Health, Peace, Energy, Love, etc.
Negative Aspects: Ill-health, Stress, Fatigue, Anger, etc.

Gently focus on the region between your eyebrows and try to attain a thoughtless state. Maintain till the timer goes off.
Rub your palms together and touch your eyes and slowly come out of your Meditative state looking at your palms.

You can practice this twice a day for spectacular results. You will definitely feel fresh and ready to take on your day-to-day activities with utmost ease.

In case you are at a crowded place, you can chant AUM silently.

This Technique is your daily source of energy and studies world – over have proved that Meditation helps you to become calm and stress free and has a definite role in the overall development and well-being of an individual. Meditation also awakens the sub-conscious mind and helps to unleash the power within.

Why and what makes this Technique so Effective?

This Technique is so Unique and different because it is a combination of four Meditative Techniques as One Holistic practice. The Mudra Meditation, the Mantra Meditation, Breathing Meditation and the Third-eye Meditation. This Unique Technique multitasks as a single app helps you achieve the maximum in the shortest time possible.

Get started and track your results. You will be truly amazed.


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