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-“Why should this happen only to me? Why me? ” – this is the question that comes in everyone’s mind when we go through a sorrow patch in life. Many shastras (religious/spiritual texts) explain this as Karma balancing. Sometimes it is explained that by the grace of the Gurus, one is probably avoiding a bigger mishap through these relatively minor sorrows. “But I was able to comprehend and experience this only through Sushumna Kriya Yoga” – says Sridevi.
Sridevi living in Kukatpally, Hyderabad has two kids and one of her kids is suffering from “Autism”
“Why did this happen only to me?” – this grief, work pressure, financial stress due to expenses kept bothering her every moment. In that worrisome situation, in the year 2014, she was initiated into Sushumna Kriya Yoga by Dr. Madhusree. Within few days of starting meditation and attending Mataji’s classes, she got some clarity on why she was experiencing all this pain. It is for balancing our karmas that these special children are born. Thus they must be served with love. When this realisation came to Sridevi, she then got a clear understanding of her life. She set her mind to peace and learnt to complete her tasks with diligence and in a methodical way without annoyance or anger.
During all that time, she had only one desire, that she must provide the necessary medication to her daughter and ensure she had a comfortable living. Surprisingly, while she continued her meditation, her husband who failed to get his H1 visa inspite of trying many times, got his visa and went to the US.
Attending meditation sessions in time, attending Poornami meditations by leaving her daughter in the care of her mother, teaching meditation to others whenever possible, attending to her tasks with energy and renewed enthusiasm – all these are conspicuous changes Sridevi noticed as she continued her journey with Sushumna Kriya yoga.
Just 49-minutes of Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditation every day, brought amazing changes in Sridevi ‘s life. Renewed health, improvement in thought process, rejuvenated energy, an understanding of how the Karma theory works on our life, all these were experienced by her and she’s excited to share with us.
Sridevi imagines herself as a miniscule atom at the very feet of our Gurus whenever she prays in front of the Gurus picture – and this she does with complete surrenderance and stability of mind!


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