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Sri Lakshmi vege Experiences


Mrs.Srilakshmi, who works as a Team Leader in a software company, is a person who would stay away from any process with rules and conditions. Understanding the amazing experiences and changes that Mrs. Srilakshmi experienced at a physical, mental and spiritual level after starting Sushumna Kriya Yoga practice in 2013, every Sushumna Kriya Yogi will definitely be inspired. Meditation, Self-Introspection – while practicing these two aspects with devotion, Mrs Srilakshmi, felt that Mataji was instilled in her inner self and was guiding her as her inner consciousness.
Her stubbornness with respect to how she wanted everything her way and her distress when things didn’t turn out the way she had wanted them to be – both these have vanished now.
Every year Mrs.SriLakshmi had made the efforts to greet everybody for the new year…and she always had love towards everyone…on one new year she felt – “Why doesn’t anyone call me by themselves and wish me? Don’t they need me?!”. She was particularly feeling sad because of this…. but when her friend issued a loving decree “You do what you have to do. Don’t expect anything from others”, she thought ’The Gurus themselves have conveyed this to me through my friend’ and with this feeling and conviction, Mrs Srilakshmi started her sadhana with that as her goal to avoid having expectations and to keep doing what she’s supposed to be doing.
She understood that there is something in this meditation…she understood that this will bring about the aspired change (a difficult possibility rather) very soon. Not just her, even her husband who was blessed with Mataji’s darshan in a dream also transformed into a Kriya Yogi.
Mrs. Srilakshmi has a lot of ‘motherly’ vibes. When she saw mataji resting on her serene lap in her dream, she got surprised and asked Mataji about the same… “Yes” responded the spiritual elixir with a smile. Mrs.Srilakshmi was moved immensely with this. Was that the Guru’s blessing? Or was it fruits of my tapasya?, is what she could not understand.
Mataji saved her husband from a terrible health problem – As per his horoscope, her husband who had a life-threatening danger had just got away from it by undergoing a simple sickness. It is a fact that without any fatality, 80% of karmas are annihilated with Sushumna Kriya Yoga and her husband coming out of his potential danger is another proof for the same says Mrs. Srilakshmi. It is noteworthy that even her husband understood the same.
Another big transformation in Mrs. Srilakshmi was that she overcame her stage-fear and became a good Sushumna Kriya Yoga teacher. Srilakshmi also noticed that through this meditation many others had developed a courageous attitude.
Mataji’s words “Karmasu Kousalam” was experienced by Srilakshmi. To be able to complete 8-hour job in 4 hours, to remain stress-free even in a critical situation at work, to be able to finish the work without stressing out anyone else – all these are the results of this meditation proclaims Mrs. Srilakshmi.
Going to the Himalayas with other Kriya Yogis and Mataji was a great experience for Mrs. Srilakshmi. For someone who wouldn’t really care about any specific event, it is noteworthy that she had very carefully saved the flight ticket of that trip.
In a meditation session on Krishnashtami, she experienced heavy energy flow. While in the mudra, she felt like there was light in her palms, and there were Shankhu-chakras. Within them, she saw a Venkateswara sloka and then 2 slokas shining, scrolling in front of her eyes and finally the scrolling came to an end with “Om”. She slowly came out of meditation.
Mrs. Srilakshmi serves as an evidence to how an ordinary person with just self-introspection, can turn into to a true Sushumna Kriya Yogi with a great loving personality.


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