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Sushumna Kriya Yoga – About The Latest Inner Software

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react it.

Latest Inner Software (‘LIS’) is the discipline of building the Youth work force. The modern lifestyle of people demands highly competitive and complicated thinking and living. It consumes a person from “Prime-Time” of youthhood and enormous energy.

From early hours, to long distance travel, to gadgets and games – everything saps the youth’s energy. To add to this indulgent habits and entangled relationships, cause heartbreaks, fatigue and in worst cases depression. Unhealthy habits cause the workforce to lose stamina and mis-align the divine energies, of the divine human from. How do we keep to our natural strength of mind, body and spirit? How do we at fifty, live like at twenty?

Well, the answer is in the Latest Inner Software, the ancient & power driven, yet modern & simple technique, specially designed for the modern person to be able to connect to the infinite potential hidden within them and to unlock the secret to never ending happiness, health and prosperity. Through this simple technique done procedurally for 21 minutes every day, you can get Herculean strength and Adonis like body. Greater benefits like wealth, spirituality and bliss are attained through continuous and committed practice. Reboot your human system with the Sushumna Kriya Yoga operating procedure to gain maximum performance from your life in minimum time. The procedure to install this latest software in your life will be administered practically by a senior Personality and Well-being professional.

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