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Venkat vegesna Experiences


Some people lead dull and inanimate lives…it seems on the outside like they don’t have knowledge in anything related to the world and are incapable of achieving anything in life. Their family members in hopelessness turn towards God and pray that they want nothing else but to see them achieve something. But, when the grace of the Gurus strikes them, the layer of Maya moves away, and the powerful soul energy awakens within them…Experiences from such people are extraordinary and one such person is Venkat.
On the auspicious occasion of VijayaDasami, Venkat had the darshan of Mataji. When he saw the milky way-like white aura behind her, he realized Mataji was not an ordinary person. In 2012, on Adisankaracharya’s birthday when Venkat meditated and slept that night, he had a wonderful experience in the form of a dream. A very tall divine lady with long hair was seen with many disciples. While she was visiting each house with the intention of examining each one’s energy levels, she came near Venkat and commanded this referring to Mataji – “She is an epitome of energy from the past eight years. No one should dare to criticize her”. When Venkat got the opportunity to clarify his vision, Mataji responded by saying – “She is none other than Babaji’s sister Nagalakshmi Mataji”. Later Venkat saw actual pictures of Nagalakshmi mataji, he was amazed that it was the same lady, he saw in his vision.
In 2012 July, when Venkat was blessed to have SivaLoka darshan, Mataji confirmed him that it is located in the astral plane and the name of that loka is called “Rudra”.
Venkat had a small verbal clash with his father. He had a backlog of 18 engineering subjects. While having a conversation with Venkat, Mataji said to him – “Venkat, I haven’t asked for Gurudakshina from anyone till now. The Guru Dakshina which I ask from you, will be to pass in these subjects. This is not the time to quarrel with your father. Sushumna Kriya Yogis should be ideal for everyone and should showcase good behaviour” and blessed him. Soon after with holy grace of Mataji, within a year he was able to clear all his backlogs.
In 2013, after a Satsang, when Venkat was asleep, he had the vision of Sri Bhoganatha Siddhar who told him that he doesn’t have any Karma and had to come to the earth to only fulfil a little left-over karma and that he was ready now. Venkat felt as if he was in some mystic world. It was after that night, he could sense Mataji herself appearing and guiding him in his daily meditation.
On Diwali day in the year 2016, he had an equally exceptional experience. He saw a vision of Sri Mahavatar Babaji residing in his heart and that he was born from the heart of Babaji…he could experience it all through that night.
Owing to Sushumna Kriya Yoga, Venkat was able to get a new perception of the world along with greater achievements. Venkat expresses his gratitude filled obeisance to Mataji whom he believes is the sole reason for his happy and comfortable current life.


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