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Yashaswini Experience


Yashaswini , a young sadaka from Mumbai presently staying in Australia was into sadana of sushumna kriya yoga meditation from a very early age along with her mother.
In 2012 few days before the auspicious guru pournami she did experience severe pain in her ear.
She has consulted few doctors including ENT specialist, but could not find a solution.
The dates for guru pournami celebrations were approaching fast and her pain too started increasing more and more.
Back then in 2012, the Guru Puja Mahotsav was planned in sringeri, a place where there would be severe rainfall and very low temperatures. Yashaswini was apprehensive that her health would further worsen if she would go to Sringeri and attend the guru pooja mahotsava in view of heavy rains and expected harsh weather conditions. But at the same time she couldn’t refrain herself from attending the guru pooja because it’s celebrated only once an a year and it’s only on that particular day the disciples of guru mata pujyasri Athmanandhamayi amma garu will have an opportunity to pay their homage at her holy feet and seek her blessings.
Guru pournami is very auspicious day for all the sadakas. So at one point Yashaswini started praying to guru mataji in her meditation. She informed guru maa about her health status, about her ear pain and pleaded for her help. Surprisingly the pain decreased suddenly. She totally became free of her pain and could also attend the Guru Puja Mahotsav without any hinderrance. Receiving the blessings of Guru Mata after these celebrations she returned to Mumbai. Once she was back, the ear ache resurfaced and this time fortunately, her doctors were able to diagnose her condition. They Diagnosed her condition as cholesteatoma. cholesteatoma is a form of a ear trouble which generally affects the middle ear behind the eardrum. It can be a birth defect also but most commonly it is because of repeated middle ear infection. Cholesteatoma if not treated can become a serious condition which can cause bone erosion and once if there is erosion of the bone the infection spreads into the surrounding areas including the inner ear and the brain. If still untreated than it leads to brain abscess, meningitis, and rearly death can occur with untreated chronic serious cholesteatoma.
When the doctors at mumbai diagnosed her cholesteatoma, it was noted to be spread almost till the inner ear and stopped just at the doorstep of her brain. Immediately she was advised to undergo a surgery.
Taking the blessings of Guru Mata Pujya sri Athmanandhamayi mataji garu yashashvini underwent surgery and had an uneventful post operative recovery. She recollects that post-surgery when her anaesthesia weaned off and in all the subsequent post operative period she never had experience of even mildest of pain. She was very comfortable without any painkillers. Now to recall the problem which Yashaswini had was not an acute problem. She was infact suffering from this problem for quite a number of years but unfortunately her doctors could not make a diagnosis. And surprisingly Yashaswini  is not living in a village or some small town, but in the metropolitan healthhub, Mumbai. Yet, her problem was not diagnosed by her doctors until yashashvini represented her problem to Guru Mata Pujya sri Athmanandhamayi mataji garu. It was only after her representation and her arrival back at mumbai the doctors could jump to a diagnosis. And that too at such crucial stage when her infection did spread and just stopped at the doorstep of entering into her brain. It’s nothing but a miracle experienced by Yashaswini .
all this was possible only with the divine blessings and grace of Guru Mata pujyasri Athmanandhamayi Mataji garu.
My pranams to the holy feet of our guru mata pujyasri Athmanandhamayi mataji garu for all her miracles, her love, her affection and concern towards her disciples.
Om Sri Guru Bhyonamah.


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