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Divya Babaji Sushumna Kriya Yoga Foundation (DBSKYF)

Divya Babaji Kriya Yoga Foundation has been founded by spiritual master Pujya Guruma Aathmnandmayi Amma in 2005. The foundation’s primary focus is to introduce Sushumna Kriya Yoga meditation to the world, aiming to help individuals achieve well-being at all levels. This serves as a place for contemplation & spiritual growth.

With thousands of followers worldwide, Sushumna Kriya Yoga has become a divine path for individuals seeking overall wellness and the well-being of all living beings on our planet.


  • Spread the message of universal love, peace, and harmony.
  • Strive for the holistic well-being of all humanity.
  • Awaken the invincible hidden power within human beings to construct the modern spiritual world.
  • Promote noble actions by propagating meditation.
  • Grow the community of Sushumna Kriya Yoga practitioners and spread harmony for the liberation and self-realization of all.


  • Initiate everyone into the practice of Sushumna Kriya Yoga without discrimination.
  • Provide accurate knowledge and explain the science behind the technique.
  • Conduct Sushumna Kriya Yoga sessions extensively for spiritual upliftment
  • Build communities of practice with robust support systems across cities
  • – Encourage and nurture excellence in social and human growth.
  • Promote activities that restore ancient knowledge, tradition, and culture of India.
  • Instill a deeper understanding of the workings of the cosmos.
  • – Widely conduct activities to promote trees, animals, and natural resources.
  • Organize health camps e.g. cancer prevention, anti-suicide etc.
  • Enhance the ideals of humanitarianism.

The foundation’s service activities are grounded in the message of
Pujya Guru Mahavatar Babaji, Pujya Guru Bhoga Siddhar, and Pujya Guruma Aatmanandamayi

“Attaining inner peace can bring peace to the world;
Attaining inner harmony can bring harmony to the world;
Attaining inner bliss can bring glory to the entire world.”