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Uncertainty complex


As a first step of cleansing the mind – learn to know your minds games. By now, you will have known of the 4 complexes that cause us to feel worried, tense and cause internal unrest. This week we will try to conquer our “Uncertainty complex”. In general, overcome our fears.

Day 1: Understand what is fear? What causes fear, worry or tension in us? Read on the ill-effects of fear on our body and mind. Appreciate the biological need of fear, a natural mechanism to enabling sustenance and safety. Chart out your fears and consider their sources.

Day 2: What is the basis of every fear you nurture? Categorize people, events, situations, things, etc. that cause fears in you. Look at them objectively – are they valid? Are your making anticipations that are just probable or may even be impossible? Is you fear real or apparent? When did you first start experiencing it? What have you to lose?

Now, just empower yourself with this “Power” to overcome FEAR. No matter what it is, no matter what the consequence, know the absoluteness your “Real self” and understand the insignificance of every limited individual. The one weapon against all fears is – Stay Positive & Let go!

Just let go…what will happen? Does the sky come crashing down or the earth split in two? Even if they do, is that something you want to control in the limited body and time you are here? Remind yourself, we are all visitors with a larger purpose – “This too shall pass…”

Day 3 to 5: Vigilance and Observation is the key on these days. What causes you fear in various situations in life? What is uncertain? How much of it is under your control? Why do you want to control it? Be watchful. Be vigilant…observe all actions, thoughts and words – that cause “Uncertainty” and “fear of the Unknown” in you. Note them, with consequences.

Day 6: Look back at the week past. What all triggered “Uncertainty”? How many of your fears manifested? How many did not and how many turned out to be pleasant surprises?

Prepare a brief plan covering:

  • What you will do to avoid those situations
  • What will you do not respond and not react
  • What will you do to handle the situation differently so as to be more calm and collected without “Risks”
  • What are the Risks? How severe are they?
  • For every Risk – what is the response plan?
  • For Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns – what and why do you fear?
  • Have practical steps on what you can do to overcome the uncertainty and take control of some aspect of your life.
  • Have alternate plans if primary plan fails
  • When all else fails and things go awry, learn to accept and “Let go!”

Prepare your own approach to address uncertainty and review with a friend/mentor/Guru.

Find the link to ‘Mind-Cleanse program’.


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