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The Mind and its Games


Deciphering the secrets of the “Real One” within…

Most of us blossom to only 10% of our potential if we are smart or brilliant; the average person uses less than 1% of their potential – this is a well-known scientific discovery, mankind has found after neuro-surgeons and psychologists studied the brain of the likes of Lenin and other brilliant people.

Yet if you ask the average person – employer, employee, householder or vagabond – everyone seems to be suffering the effects of their own mind’s fatigue. Why? What makes people tired almost every day – and feel exhausted or even depleted and depressed? Why is even the unemployed vagabond – with no job, family or responsibility – still bored with life and depressed? Why are even young adults, in the prime of their youth, fully provisioned by their governments or families; still bored with life, lacking vigour/energy and tired at the end of a “lazy day” or a fabulous “Party”?

The reason for most of us experiencing the mind’s depletion – despite knowing for a fact very few of us are even barely using our immense potential, sounds unbelievable and ironical. Many people believe their problems are due to external factors and/or things which are outside of their control – viz. intelligence, richness, beauty, love, support, provisions or their lack thereof, drudgery of their chores, exhaustion of their energy due to physical labour, unrealistic expectations of family, society, colleagues, bosses and relatives, personal abilities or inabilities, lacking power or having too much of it, etc. In fact – “NONE of these cause tiredness in an individual, who chooses to see Reality As It Is!

The cause of the tiredness is because we have not learnt to “Live every moment” fully and at peace with who we “Really are”. We have not learnt to stop the energy depletion caused by the chatter and confusion in our heads…

“Life is 90% what we make of it and only 10% of what it does to us”

No matter what life throws at you, you can still live in peace and harmony with gratitude and greatness, without being depleted every day! Let us be clear, living in luxury and comfort is not about living in peace….even the affluent businessman, military general, the local goon or the powerful ruler – is weary at the end of the day trying to make more money, protect their army, force their wishes/increase their influence or in building their empire.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

So what then, gives one peace? What can prevent our minds/selves from getting depleted as we live our lives? Simple – stop the chatter within, realize yourself and relish this moment in time. Easier said than done, you’d say…Nay, easier done, if known! This is why we offer this article to help each of you to understand life and the myriad games our minds play on us.

How can we stop the chatter within? How can one feel calm, collected, reflect on one’s personal self, take time to understand and relate to one’s real identity, see with clarity, study and observe one’s life and take the lessons offered with gratitude, how can one be unaffected by events, opinions, etc., how to stay focussed on what one wants to become, work on what one has to achieve, introspect on who one is and not what the world thinks of him/her? Even Lord Ram in his life’s example(Ramayana) shows us how such a benevolent ruler, dutiful son, loving husband and just king – had to face the same challenges each of us go through in our own lives. So did The Lord Buddha(Jataka tales) or the Lord Jesus(Bible) show us how staying true to oneself, puts one through innumerable challenges; Yet the key to goodness is to introspect conscientiously and with un-faltering focus on the goal of understanding the “Reality of the self”.

One is caught in the quagmire of one’s internal fears, risks, beliefs, personal identity, biases and the wanting to be in control over things one need not necessarily be in control of. Our desire to stay in control is very deep-rooted, yet we often fall short of the discipline & determination needed to stay and keep things in control even within ourselves. Take for example our daily schedule, habits, emotions, passions, desires, physical needs, mental greed, etc. Without taming this tendency to want to be in Supreme control, it is going to be difficult to stop the mind’s “contrived picture of reality” [as our mind wants to see it and makes us believe]. So the first thing about seeing the universe as it is, is in learning to “Let Go”!

The control tendency within an individual causes four complexes, to impose one’s “individual” (read as egoistic) ways on the material world around them! Let me give the message straight to you – We are here as temporary visitors, not permanent eternal existences. Our “Real Identity” is who we are here to explore, and yet we are lost in our assumed identities. “We” no matter how significant to our families, businesses or peoples – as an individual are:

  • An insignificant part of humanity,
  • which is an insignificant part of life on earth,
  • which is an insignificant part of the solar-system,
  • which is an insignificant part of the Milky Way galaxy,
  • which is an insignificant part of the Virgo super-cluster,
  • which is an insignificant part of the visible universe,
  • which is an insignificant part of multi-verses which we do not even know if they exist,
  • which is a part of the immaterial realm that we cannot even reach in physical or mental form
  • which is a part of…. beyond that we cannot even know by logic – if it exists.

And yet we try to control everything from our families, children, events, sub-ordinates, superiors, futures, society, people, supporters, situations, nation… This is the one cause of the mental clutter and chatter – which depletes 90% of our energy. The moment we realize this “Truth”, see our position as one of equanimity and love for all entities, we start being in harmonious co-existence. We learn to accept things as they are! To move from confused to consistent, condoning to conscientious, conceding to confessing, conspiring to collaborating, conquering to co-existing, coercing to considering, conflicting to conducive, commanding to consensus, controlling to consenting, confound to clear, condescending to compatriotic attitude.

Thus we present before you the ways and means to try to achieve this juxtaposing of your present situation – “Personal Identity” – in this world at harmony with the “Real self” which is at perpetual peace. The apparent discord is causing in the limited self – a wanting to expand into the Supreme consciousness and controller. The four complexes or root causes of your mind-games, will be addressed gradually in a series of 4 articles for your contemplation. You will need diligent action, cautious observation, mindfulness, daily introspection and honest evaluation. We present these articles once a fortnight for your concurrent action. Every one of us is differently wired in our lives…and thus we will allow you to customize the process you will choose to cleanse your mind, afflictions, affiliations, biases and complexes. Just go through the routine earnestly and regularly – without breaks through the 7 weeks.

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