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Meditation, self – surrenderence and self inquiry – these are the most important things for Sushumna Kriya yogis. Normally, most people who know about the glories of meditation do not care about self – inquiry or self surrenderence. But the experiences of those Kriya Yogis who respect, understand and give equal importance to all the three, urge others to follow suit. Shanti from UK is one of them. From the time she began practicing this meditation she always used to be in self surrenderence and also practiced self-enquiry from time to time. After marriage, Shanti went to the UK with her husband but as her husband’s job was in Spain, he used to live there.. Owing to visa issues, she had to live alone in the UK and around that time she was pregnant too. During her first pregnancy, she wasn’t aware of what and how much she should be eating….due to her loneliness…and due to her gastric problems, she was unable to eat properly. When she went for her doctor checkup ,the gynaecologist conveyed to her that she was having a fibroid and that the fibroid was larger than her baby .The doctors also told her to take a proper and good diet. She was worried as she never knew what a fibroid was till then and also, she was unable to take a proper diet – she was only able to sustain a little milk owing to her gastric problems. When she went for her second check-up the doctors revealed to her that as the fibroid size was bigger than the baby they couldn’t guarantee that the baby would be born healthy. Shanti was really scared after hearing this. Omkara and meditation were her only companions. She being a sushumna kriya yogini, she reminded herself that Mataji will take care of her. With complete dedication, she began focusing on all the three aspects i.e meditation, self inquiry, and feelings of complete self surrenderence. Within a month her visa problem got resolved.
In the third checkup the doctors were surprised and informed to her that the baby was very healthy, her gastric problems also subsided. Delivery also was very easy for Shanti and she delivered a healthy baby girl. “For me everything is Mataji and the Gurus” says Shanti . When her husband had to work for five days a week in a different city ,Shanti used to stay alone with her daughter in UK. Loneliness frightened her due to which meditation became a companion for her. One day at midnight Sri Mahavatar Babaji appeared to her.. looking at him she slipped into deep sleep. When she asked about this incident, Mataji said to her “You were frightened isn’t it….That is why Babaji made his presence felt to you.” Hearing these words of Mataji, Shanti was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. Shanti was born on Durgashtami day. She performed puja on Navratri with great devotion and dedication, to goddess Parvathi and lord Shiva and by offering her salutations to their feet she said, “Bless me on my birthday Sivaya….!”…Almost immediately, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi’s feet appeared and merged into one pair of golden feet glowing with a golden lusturous light. She was absolutely thrilled. “You were blessed by Lord Shiva” – when Mataji conveyed this to Shanti ,her happiness knew no bounds. For six years she was in search of a job but in vain. She thought she would not get a job but was also worried because she needed a job….”How do I get a job?” – with this worry when she was meditating she got a vision of a great yogi in a cave who blessed her…almost immediately she got a good job. When Mataji told her that the yogi was Sri Sri Sri Bhognath maharshi himself, Shanti was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the Gurus once again.
Shanti’s self surrenderence, meditation and self introspection have given her many wonderful experiences.


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