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Radha Dantuluri Experience


Radha grew up in a divine household with parents who have been Kriya yogis. She has
experienced beautiful visions and miracles in her life by the blessings of Sri
Atmanandamayi Mataji.

Radha’s mother, Parvathiji was closely associated with Maataji since her childhood days. So,
she was well acquainted with Maataji due to her mother’s association. Whenever her mother
asked her to call Mataji, she would wait for Mataji to say “hello” before handing over the phone.
She felt a magnetic pull towards Maataji voice on the phone.  Radha’s Paramaguru was Shirdi
Sai baba. On her first meeting with Maataji , Mataji said…”Radha! Let’s meditate for an hour” –
she was perplexed and thought “Would I be able to sit with Mataji and meditate for one hour?”
In case she was unable to do so, she thought it would be disrespectful to the Guru. With this
worry on her mind she prayed to Sai Baba in her meditation. Sai Baba smiled and said – “Do
one thing. Sleep”. After waking up in an hour Radha felt an electrifying energy inside her body. It
was like a high voltage electric energy passing through her. In the evening she meditated again
and then she got used to the process.
Radhaji grew up in a household where her  parents always encouraged her to meditate , they
use to share the joys and experiences of meditation and also cautioned her about the effects of
it. This was a regular day to day discussion at her place while  growing up.
After she started meditating, she experienced many miracles in the form of dreams and visions.
One day she had a vision about the moments prior to her birth. Before she was born, she saw a
divine light merging into her mother Parvathiji’s womb. Then she saw a white coloured energy
body entering her mother's  womb and  the changes happening in the womb. Radha also
noticed the presence of all Gurus. Soon after that, she saw herself forming into a baby in her
mother’s womb. When she spoke to her mother about her vision, Parvathij  confirmed saying ,"
yes after a similar experience  you were born". Now , Radha understood why she had that
connection and could meditate to this level without even taking it seriously at this birth.
When she was a child she once forgot how Mataji’s face looked. That night Mataji appeared in
her dream and said “Will you now remember my face? I will not leave my disciples even if they
forget me.” These nectar-like words are not just for Radhaji but for every Sushumna Kriya Yogi.
This divine filled words bring a tingling sensation down our spine and blissful joy for us as kriya
On another occasion, when Radha was at mataji’s house there were very strong winds, she ran
to close all the windows .Then a light in the form of a ball entered inside the house. All the
windows spontaneously opened at once. In the spot where she was standing, a cosmic energy
field formed. It looked as if it was created for her to stand on the cosmic energy ball. She could
feel herself 5 inches above the ground bouncing up and down. She bounced from room to room
like a little innocent child full of joy, experiencing the blissful moment. Later that day she came to
know that the beautiful cosmic white light was none other than Master C.V.V.
During the group meditation sessions with  mataji in Araku, she saw and experienced different
forms of faces of various sects of people . Mataji explained to her that all these were her life

forms from her past 100 births.  They were zooming in and out one after the other at a fast
One day, in Bangalore after conducting the weekly meditation session, Radha came home,
changed into a white dress and fell asleep. Her husband who was beside her working through
the night, witnessed a ‘light’ body wearing a white dress emerge out of her, walk away and
disappear into the wall. He was shocked to see this and later Mataji explained that it was her
soul transitioning towards the spiritual journey. In 2012 when she was undergoing a thyroid
operation, Radha clearly told her mother not to inform Mataji about the surgery. Her inner fear
was that if Mataji knew about it, she would take over her pains and will bear it herself. But
before going in for the surgery, Mataji called and asked to talk to Radha. Her mother Parvathiji
relayed to Mataji on what was going on, and that her daughter has clearly instructed her not
mention it to her. Mataji sent her some divine powerful energy to ease her pains to a bare
minimum. Radha felt like she was floating on an ocean of energy.
Another day Radha was in the balcony talking on the phone, after a while she turned back to
see a well-built divine figure standing behind her at a little distance. Out of fear, she immediately
turned her back towards the figure. Later when she conveyed this to Mataji, she told her that the
divine saint she saw that day, was one of the Gurus, Jesus Christ. She felt sad that she did not
respond and give her salutations to the Guru. She was not even aware how lucky she was!
Beneath her happy smiling face, she was going through depression. It was amazing that she
could overcome it without even realizing it.
Radha had got the power to fight back death in a surprising way….” You will die in
sometime”…she felt someone was saying this to her – “without repaying the debt of my mother
and father’s love….”…with the sad thought on her mind she noticed a light emerging out of her
heart center and merge into another light…… she then remembered Mataji’s words – “If the
Prana leaves the body through the heart center then there will be a re-birth. But there is no re-
birth if the Prana leaves the body through the Agna Chakra or the Sahasrara Chakra.” The
Gurus probably had heard her inner tribulation and at that very moment Radha got a phone call,
due to which she was able to come out of the death shadow.
Radha loved Buddha statues and the monasteries very much. She was very curious about
these statues and loved collecting these wherever she went. We always have the
Sanskar(attributions) from previous births. One day she had a vision of a mountain, where she
saw a cave with an opened door. Upon entering she saw many Buddhist monks in robes, with
tonsured heads, a bowl for alms in their hands. They were continuously chanting when coming
out of the cave. They came out in an orderly manner in a line, and in the  same  monastery,
Radhaji saw herself with tonsured head, big eyes and a big forehead sitting on a stone
Recently, in the Times of India center, during meditating Radha  received a message – “Mataji
has entrusted you with work that requires a lot of responsibility”. Someone questioned her, “Will
the love inside you be sufficient for you to fulfill this work successfully?” Radha was surprised,
but understood the message through her own thought process. In the process of fulfilling her
responsibility entrusted by Mataji, she channeled herself in a way “I should love everyone
unconditionally and equally, being affectionate and unbiased. When anyone approaches or
comes in touch with me, they should feel the warm vibrations of love and affection radiating
from within me. For this intention to come true Radha prepared herself to expand her energy
body and fill herself with a circle of unconditional love and limitless energy. When she told Mataji

about this message “That is true”..stated Mataji as she was  happy to see that Radha was
growing into this  beautiful soul who was able to interpret Maataji message in a conscious level.
After hearing the  experiences of Radha we need to understand one thing,“ she is one of the
chosen few”. Even though she has a lot of commitments in this worldly life she meets her
spiritual commitments as well. She does  not realize her strength lies within her consciousness.
Her capacity to hold and withstand her discipline, commitment and focus towards her work,
paying heed to every word of Mataji, and above all her subtle ability to grasp Mataji’s words
without Mataji being very precise,  these are the enduring qualities she  gracefully carries within
her. From a worldly viewpoint our perception of a person is different on day to day basis. But we
will see a different side to them when they are on the spiritual path. They chose to do the work
on their Guru’s command with complete surrenderence in their astral form. This can only be
understood by people who are connected in a consciousness level rather than the regular
Radha is a  beautiful elevated  soul who has been given this  wonderful opportunity to work for
the best interests of humanity through the Sushumna Kriya Yoga Foundation. In this lifetime she
got this amazing opportunity to work and also be spiritually monitored so closely with her Guru.
It is a blessing which many of us as spiritual beings crave for in our hearts.


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