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Day 18 – Guru, My ultmate God


Nagateja continued to tell us his experience at the tree which in fact was his First Ever Experience in Meditation after being Initiated into sushumna kriya Yoga meditation by Mataji. “In these days, wherein our own blood relations and friends are not  ready to accept the brunt of our bad Karma, how sympathetic and willing was this Divine tree to bear my bad Karma’s ?” This was the thought running in Nagateja’s mind and he also said that he felt that much of his Karmas were destroyed during that spiritual connection with the Divine tree. After listening to his experience, it was an eye-opener for everyone of us. We had felt that we had done what Mataji had asked us to do at the tree, but we soon realized that the intention (Bhavam) about which Mataji repeatedly kept emphasizing should have been like that of Nagateja. Hence every Sushumna Kriya Yogi should understand, assimilate and surrender to the absolute truth that it is the Guru who is the ultimate Divine power and nothing else matters.

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